Happy to be part of the family

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Juat wanted to give a quick hello. And show my respects to everyone in here. I am a pro bodybuilder. I’m here to help and hopefully make some new friends. I’m mr usa from 2014 if you want to know who I am :wink:

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Hey brother! Nice to have you aboard. Welcome!

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Proud to have you bro and big things coming. You need anything hot myself @TrenGod @Bigmurph and @SIEGMUND up.

Wow!! That’s awesome bro. Glad to have your knowledge.

Always glad to have more pros around.
Welcome to if you have any questions or need anything im here to help.

excellent ,
welcome. looking forward. to seeing you in the forums.

Is this you? If it is fucking amazing you definitely deserved to win damn.

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yes that is me :wink:


Your a beast there
Im really impressed I look at alot of pictures from shows and other guys competing and thats definitely one of the best. The pose is great and your symmetry is amazing.
Great win brother

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Lol your editing looks like he was posing nude up on that stage.

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I wanted to cover his comp number and I figured I would wipe out the eggplant while I was already in the area lol

LOL . I love the new trunks you gave me lol

Stylish right? Lol

Hahahaha bad ass trunks @Bigmurph lol.

You look amazing! :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

Wow bro now thats an amazing physique bravo!

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