Hard work out weighs high drug use

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Hello UG fam. I wanted to talk about training and food versus wanting to take steroids to gain size quick. I have a few clients (males) that think taking more gear is better than training hard and eating the right foods. They get impatient and want to abandon the plan because in their head they think gear or insulin is what will make them big. They always want me to add more gear. I try to tell them it’s food is where it’s at. Yes gear helps but you have to know how to cycle and you don’t need all these bro science dosages I see posted. If people would be patient and let the diet work then they would make much more solid gains. I’m not talking a month or two and then abandon the plan. You need to be consistent and let the food do what it’s for.

I’ve been bodybuilding since I was 19. I started my first cycle when I was 27. I wanted to build my base before touching gear. My best friend taught me how to use and cycle my gear. I barely went over 250mg test and made amazing solid gains plus I ate according to a plan put together by my friend for my goals. So I trusted the plan and followed it for 3 years before I started competing. And man did it pay off for me. I’ve been very successful on the stage because I always followed a plan and most importantly I stuck with it not for a week or two or month or two but years. When you stay with a coach or trainer more than a couple of months you give your body time to adapt to correct nutrition and you give your trainer or coach time to learn what works and doesn’t work with your body type.

I encourage everyone that hires a coach or trainer (not just me but anyone) to give it time don’t take breaks don’t cheat yourself you owe it to yourself. And don’t use the excuse it’s too expensive. I see a lot of guys blow thousands on gear that don’t need it. Keep it simple -(KISS)

Below is a picture from 2 years to this year. This was done by correct nutrition and freaking hard training and trusting my coach. I did lose my coach unfortunately due to him suddenly passing away but I’m with someone now that has the same mindset and is amazing. I will stay with him from now to indefinitely. You have to be committed it pays off.

As always we always have room for our UG family and at a huge discounted rate. And now we will even give a bigger discount for a 6 month or 1 year commitment! Feel free to comment below if you are interested in these discounted rates and I will message you. I want to make this affordable to everyone. So let’s kick ass family. Monthly plans still are $150 a month


2018 nationals

2019 August



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Great improvements. I think too many people are lacking the foundation. When this happens they tend to phase out of bodybuilding all together. They start strong thinking drugs are the answer when reality is the diet and training play a stronger role in the beginning. Unless your a genetic freak like cutler was, its the steady progress that makes it.


Yep people want the quick and easy path. It’s a lifestyle and commitment.



Im going to pin this up as a top post in your category.
This is an amazing write up brother I really appreciate the great read and this is a great subject.
Your progress over the past couple of years has been amazing to follow. I love the time lapse pictures it shows that if you keep to your program progress will happen but it doesn’t happen even in a 15wk cycle it takes years to achieve goals and dedication is necessary to achieve the goals that we set. It took me over a year to lose the weight I had put on before I started running gear again about 5yrs ago. This life we live is a long journey but if you keep walking the path you will eventually end up where you are going.
Looking really good brother im really impressed with the progress over the last year.


Thanks @PHD, Great read, spot on,my first few cycles we’re just that, didn’t know anyone doing it, didn’t ask any questions, shit, I had a flip phone with no internet to even research anything, and I woulda been to lazy anyways, and while it is not a lifestyle to me, I have learned a lot in my time here, and I take advantage of what I can. As a matter of fact I’m currently running my lowest mg cycle yet, with just as much results as my first few,mainly because I’m eating way fucking better and I research and ASK questions.


Thanks @Bigmurph I was thinking I should start sharing stuff with the group and maybe it will help someone. I’m thinking about doing this monthly and if it goes good I’ll do weekly write up. Maybe on topics members have questions to. I don’t know it all but I am willing to learn.

I appreciate your support and congrats on your journey. I always applaud people that take their health seriously.


Hell yea @John and I’m sure you drooling over my legs helps :joy::joy::joy::joy:. No seriously I know what you mean. I loved the lifestyle and I always knew I would use gear one day but I wanted to build my base and I was scared of them (I still hate needles) lol.
My best friend (and coach then) always told
Me you better be sure because once you start you never stop lol. That comment made me wait another 2 years before pinning which I’m glad I did. Because I got to 220 naturally then he dieted me down like a show prep but wasn’t for a show just summer lean down we both were ripped and a year later I wanted to try gear. I didn’t compete for a while after that but that’s another story lol


Truly impressive bro! Great advice from a great guy with a ton of knowledge and experience but more important that that has a good head on his shoulders and really has his shit together. If you have the finances to get with @PHD you should definitely jump on it. The guy has a lot to offer.


Thanks @N8GainTrain I appreciate your kind words. Like I said I don’t know it all but I’m not a stubborn meat head know it all I love to learn new things and methods and if I can pass that knowledge and help others then it’s worth it. There’s too much wrong info out there. Again thanks


Way to go hard Bro! Keep up the hard work!:+1:

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Thank you so much for being mentor. It is greatly appreciated and I need the support you offer


Thanks bro that means a lot to me. I got you. I’ll message you my email

Great progress bro separation coming out insane

You don’t need to talk about that everything was great until you wrote the end


Great job That its a look I could live with

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Great read @PHD

Do you coach folks not interested in competing but just normal folks wanting to get bigger /leaner?

I have been looking for a coach, one was very insistent I sign immediately before he would tell me what his coaching entailed. Then another told me he would charge 14k for one year, but would knock it down to 7k! Just to make it affordable for me.

Im looking around now and seeing who is the best fit now. Let’s chat one day @PHD

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Hey bro and holy shit that’s insane I’ve never heard anyone charging that much. Yes we train any level any goal. For ug members I only charge $150 a month. So you guys get a $100 savings (but you have to sign today ) :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: joking. Hit me up anytime and I’ll send over questionnaire so we can get started. [email protected]

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