Harpoon needed for Test U in Castor oil?

Harpoon needed for Test U in Castor oil?

Have any of you had an opportunity to try Test U in castor oil?
I’m on the hunt for a protocol that would allow me to go a month without pinning so that I can travel freely without syringes and gear.
The brand name nebido is commonly used for a 10 week spread on 1000mg
I dont expect to push this oil through a 25g, but maybe a 21G ? will I need a 18g to draw it with.
I figure warming the oil up will be important


“The following needles were used for the clinical trials with Nebido®: 1.10 x 50 mm (19 G x 2”) (e.g. produced by Braun Melsungen). However, under practical clinical conditions, the use of a 22 G (0.9 mm) has been found to be most suitable for the injection of Nebido®. The small needles have two advantages: 1. the injection pain is further reduced; 2. the injection must be performed very slowly."


Thank you Semperfi

my google search was not as effective.
I look forward to sharing my results. I found a domestic on eroids that had some. a great source we knew from over at MG. UncleYoked
I invited him here to our rapidly growing community

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I was considering it at one time for TRT for the same reasons and I had quick access to the information I had on it.

Have him contact @Bigmurph and he will help him settle in. BM doesn’t have the time to chase down sponsor prospects so if UY is serious this is the best way to get the ball rolling and let BM know he is serious.

Just trying to help maximize everyones time.

I dont know if he has interest or not, but I let him know we are here if he is interested. @Bigmurph is easy to find. He’s another one of those sources that has been around and solid for years just flying under the radar.

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Let us know your experience if you decide to go with the TestU. You are well versed in the TRT protocol and I would be highly interested in your personal feedback.

FYI- UGM is the fastest growing online community and is gaining more momentum. @TG tracks these things carefully and is implementing new technologies on a regular basis to increase viewership and membership.

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And we can’t thank him enough

I love Uncle Yoked, had great success with his gear in the past.

Give it a good ol’ college try @josh and get a room that has a hourly rate and invite @TG over. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

My wife would call in a missing person report if I left the house for longer than 5 minutes, :kissing_heart:

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Why can you not travel with gear? I travel weekly no issues

I’m black market.
Going through TSA or driving in many states back east make me a bit concerned about legal troubles.

You don’t carry it on person through TSA Bro lol. Put it in your checked luggage

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