Has anyone used MK677

Has anyone used MK677

Anyone ever use this? I’m thinking about giving it a shot.

Don’t waste your money. Get GH. I’ve done it and noticed nothing. Talked to a source from here and he says it’s all junk. Just save your money in my opinion


I can’t see how with GSK just about to release it and they started all the lawsuits. These companies can care less about AAS but nutrobal if that’s gonna be the name brand, is coming there’s no way it’s real. It will be extremely expensive…and SAFE.

I noticed something. I could not stop eating and all of the sudden I looked like the dough boy :rofl::rofl:

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I’m reading very good things about it and its part of Skip Hill’s TRT protocol. You’ve gotta find a good source


Id go with what PHD said… leave it alone. You got to many tried and true methods out there.

And there is also more than one way to skin a cat @josh. Skip has been around a very long time. He may know a thing or two. He has been coaching for over a decade and competed for about 20 years. Remember a lot of members here are TRT guys and look at things a lot different and that is exactly who Skip is speaking to.

If no one ever experimented or thought outside the box we would still think the sun orbited the earth and the earth was flat.

Keep us updated @ESmetalhead on how things go… hoping you are liking your new digs!

@Andrew0409 did you make a decision to give it a try?

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Top notch quality MK677 powder


Maybe this is me being ignorant in the chemical field, but isn’t mk-677 still relatively new to the market?

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@Andrew0409 @ESmetalhead @SemperFi I’m gunna give some a go. Should be here in a couple days. I have enough for 60 days @25mg and to get me through cruising. I will get igf done at 30 days. Ive tried it before but was skeptical on the quality. This stuff I got should be legit. Bad thing is the company is shutting down in 2 days lol so I can’t get anymore if it is.

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Good luck with it. I have very little knowledge about it and have never even look into using it.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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I used it a few times and 3 bottles I think were good. This was a few years ago. The fact that it is supposed to come out and GTx has rights. I think it would be hard to get. When a company has that USA right, its rough. If it makes it all the way to full approval. Now, it might be ok.

The earth isn’t flat? Hahaha and all the great footage from the lunar landing is “real”…my sweet half cousin brother you probably dismiss the Mandela effect too!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Same place I got mine, I’ve read nothing but good things about them, too bad they are calling it quits. I need to do a lot more reading about the compound but I think even 10mg worked for some people.

some positives


I decided to just start at full dose. Since I’m on keto, i don’t think I will see the typical bloat people talk about. I plan to get bloodwork done tho on my igf and that will be the true tell.

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Titan medical has released mk in prescription for hormone replacement. Palumbo was talking about in his HRT update

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He also goes on to say the normal dose is 40mg despite it having been proven anything over 25mg is a waste. Lol That is interesting though. I knew they’d start marketing this stuff soon.

Thats interesting. The expense I would assume would be out of pocket unless it has received FDA approval as a treatment that I don’t know about.

Did you see this @ESmetalhead?

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Now I see it, I was just checking this thread. I’d like to keep up with @Fitraver and his progress with it.
I 'm still learning how this site works.

Maybe nothing new here but I’ll share it

@ESmetalhead 3 nights in and on this morning I woke up 4lbs heavier than yesterday. I am on keto and eat an exact meal plan every day. I had heard putting on 4-7lbs when starting is common, but I assumed on keto I may not get the water weight. I can’t think of anything other that woulda caused it tho. Will have to track my weights the next few days to see what it does. Sleep has been good.

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