Have you fellas messed with strength calculator

So how bout it have yall ever Google this,? Do you think that many people are honestly that strong or are some or most cooking their books because I’m just intermediate by its standards which is hundreds of thousands of imo likely bs weights.
Either way I’m going to be an elite by God
And I’m natty…for the moment


IDK. I’ll have to google it… not sure what it is. :joy:

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I’ve seen it and I believe the numbers. Just cause you can’t lift something natty doesn’t mean others can’t I hit pretty high weights natural and I wasn’t close to storngeat person my age in my area alone

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Good for you
Just asking a general question

I have used it in the past. I like the fact it you can get a rough idea of where you are compared to everyone else. A little ego boost here and there isn’t bad right?

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Lol yep I’m just intermediate but I will make it with some gear

I second what @Dirtnasty said. When I was competing I had triple body weight lifts on deadlift in 3 weight classes and on squats in 1 weight class and close in a second… and my bench was girly at best, the only reason I totaled over 1500 lbs was my squat and deadlift! I was never clean, but I do know several guys who were and were stronger than me, and I know guys who used less than I did and were WAY stronger than me…

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Cool id like to compete someday

O man, just tried it. Says my deadlift is advanced, but my bench is weak. Feels good to be strong at something


Thats cool bro

I’m elite on bench and deadlift and advanced in squat just barely made the advanced for squat.

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