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Good evening, I would like to ask, what’s y’all opinion on the best hCG weekly dosage to keep everything functioning during cycle? Also how often a week? My personal opinion is 250 IU 2x a week, starting first week (or 2nd week w/ long esters) of cycle till last week.
I’m currently waiting on @Omni to restock on hCG


That’s a solid dose. I run mine at 200 3x a week but that’s just personal preference. No more than 250iu ever needed in one dose and 2x a week is plenty for that goal.


My goto has been fertigyn hcg for the past couple of cycles. I basically run the same with 2x a wk inj starting at 250iu then for the last 4wks I up it to 500iu 2x a wk.

I just read an interesting write up about running hcg ed at lower levels works better than the 2x a wk approach or even a blast at the very end like some guys run before pct. Im interested in this method inj 50iu ed over the entire cycle basically. The trial had guys on cycle starting hcg 2wks in on long ester cycles. It showed that fsh and lh were never completely shutdown it was interesting but not a real medical study so it could have been some bro science.
I enjoyed using hcg while I was running pct and not cruising I believe that it really does help with getting you back to normal faster.

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I have never ran hcg. For several reason I haven’t ran it and I for me I have never needed it.

That’s also a very good protocol in my opinion @Fitraver .

Also @Bigmurph if the 250iu 2x week keeps everything functioning during cycle, why increase the dosage to 1,000iu/week during last 4 weeks of cycle? In my opinion its best to stay at 500iu/week all cycle, if that keeps everything functioning. Also stopping the hCG 2 weeks before starting PCT like clomid might help give testicles time to be sensitive to its own LH & FSH then if to run it thru PCT.

@PHD Trt? Blast & cruise? Or does PCT only get things back to normal?

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@MuscleGod I naturally have low test so when I come off a cycle I usually use prop at 75mg a week split up during the week. It’s an old trick I learned from a vet. It helps clean your receptors out to prepaid you for next blast. I don’t do hcg cause I don’t care to get my boys working lol. Don’t want saggy sack down there and don’t want no kids so that’s why this works for me. I use nolvadex or arimadex depending on what I’m running on my cycle and caber

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@PHD why not use long ester such as test e? More control with prop? How often do you pin the prop to keep levels as steady as possible?

@MuscleGod why would I run a long water while trying to clean out my receptors? I want something quick so it’s in and out. Fast acting ester gives me just enough so my levels don’t crash but not enough as to where my system can cleanse and receptors are ready for a blast when I start it.

@PHD how long do you do this before your next blast?

4-6 weeks depending on how I feel

I agree no hcg during pct its counterproductive. It makes sense to stop a little early to let your body start its own process I’ve never tried it but could definitely work.
The reason I jump my dose up is hcg is a stimulate to your fsh and lh. I started doing this after I learned about the blast method that some use. Where they inj 5000iu divided into 3 shots right before pct. I have found that a higher level right before stopping gives me a strong push forward.
I do like the idea of stopping early to let your system start to recover on its own.

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@PHD Ok now that makes sense, for 4-6 weeks prop is definitely the way to go. How often do you pin a week to keep levels as steady as possible?

@Bigmurph What do you mean by “hCG is a stimulate to your FSH and LH” ? Also if you’ve been using hCG throughout cycle, your body should be already producing endogenous test at normal levels, increasing the does to 1,000iu/week last 4 weeks of cycle shouldn’t be necessary in my opinion, might even risk desensitizing the testicles to own LH & FSH during PCT

i like mine at 500 2xew

I like to blast HCG at the end of a cycle that uses long esters like deca or EQ. Tried it after sustanon/deca cycle. Since you have to wait 21 days to start pct, on day 11 started HCG at 500iu/day for 10 days, day after last shot hit PCT with nolva/clomid and it swole the boys up beautifully and kick started the PCT nicely :slight_smile:

@SIEGMUND Have you tried 250iu 2x week first & it didn’t work with you? Usually 250iu 2x week is enough, my test levels are around 1,000 ng/dL with that dose using pharmaceutical grade hCG only.

@Titanings 500iu/day for 10 days is insane, were you running hCG throughout cycle? If yes then doing a blast this high is probably unnecessary but if that’s only what works for you, continue so.

I would also recommend anyone using hCG to get blood work done off cycle using something like 250iu 2x week for several weeks & see where that takes your test levels, if your levels are in the upper range than that’s the perfect dose, if its in the lower side, either means you need to increase dose for your system to respond or your hCG is fake or under dosed. If you suspect its fake, I believe using pregnancy test kit might help, just apply a few drops on the test strip & if it shows that you’re pregnant than its legit lol

I actually got this from a trt doctor who has his patients taking 1000iu a wk.
When you buy pharma hcg it comes in 1500iu 2500iu 5000iu just some of the doses. You said that using more than 500iu is to much. I’ve always thought about this why do they provide hcg at 1 dose kits at such a high level if it will damage your own production.
I understand that some of the bigger doses are most likely for helping women get pregnant. Im curious you seem like you have experience and knowledge of hcg. I’ve never really figured this part out thought I would ask. @Musclegod
I definitely could have worded better my reply about stimulate fsh and lh. I was at work and was thinking of the fastest way to type something that would mean trying to get your system functioning properly.

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It ended up being 12 weeks of deca and 14 weeks of sustanon with a 6 week dbol kicker. I did not use any HCG during that cycle. The 500iu a day blast was used for 10 days starting on the 11th day after last pin, then 6 weeks of Nolva/Clomid because of the long esters and long cycle time. Worked perfect for swelling the twins back up and getting PCT kick started. I never used HCG during cycle due to fear of becoming dependant.

Have you seen this video murph? It really raises a lot of questions about HCG…

and another interesting one…

Now realize I know people try to sell shit and that’s normally make videos. But he says the same thing about HCG during both of these…

I have used a blast once I prefer using through my cycle but either way gets it done

You guys should have started a new thread. Good information posted under Roll call. Lol. What have been a good place to read about hcg!


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@Omni I know I was like how did we get hcg out of roll call :joy::joy: who derailed this roll call train lol.

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