HCG dosage question for prevention

Quick question- I want to use 250iu of hcg every other day to prevent testicle shrinkage. Is that the 25 mark on a 1 cc 100 mark insulin syringe or at the 50 mark? Thanks!

Depends how much water you use. If you use 1ml of water in a 5,000iu bottle…
1cc = 500iu
2cc = 1000iu
3cc = 1500iu

Up to your 1ml mark which would be 5000iu


@MormonMuscle is spot on. The same would go for correctly dosing hgh. Thanks for posting to our board. You should make an introduction post and let us get to know you a bit

Thanks for the responses! I am using Test C. I mixed 5000iu of Hcg with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water. I have been using a 1 cc (100 unit) insulin syringe and filling it to the 50 mark. But my balls are still shrinking. I read somewhere that you can become immune to the effects of Hcg, so I’m afraid to over-do it. But I want my balls back to their normal size. Am I not using enough Hcg? Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks again!

5,000IU hCG and 20ml BAC = 250IU/ml

5,000IU hCG and 10ml BAC = 500IU/ml

5,000IU hCG and 5ml BAC = 1000IU/ml

5,000IU hCG and 2ml BAC = 2500IU/ml

5,000IU hCG and 1ml BAC = 5000IU/ml

You’ve been using 500iu of hCG weekly according to what you said and thats basically the bare minimum weekly to keep atrophy from occurring. Once atrophied, depending on the length of time, it’s typical to need upward of 1000iu to 1500iu a week to get things moving again and that won’t happen over night. It takes weeks sometimes months to start seeing a physical change in the size of your testicles. I personally have run 1000iu a week for 4 weeks and got pretty good results. Make sure you are still using an AI though because estrogen rebound can and will likely occur at a greater rate while using hCG

Awesome advice!! I am using Letro as well. Thanks so much!!

Your best bet is to run 500iu 2x a wk so when you inj your testosterone also do your hcg at 500iu and you won’t get desensitization from a dose like this over a 10-15wk period so you can run it through a cycle if you wanted ive used 250iu 2x a week but 500iu is better and I would like to say definitely but you never know.
Good luck and good gains brother

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