HCG instead of testosterone as base for cycles?

I have felt pretty low in my t-levels lately having switched up my gear alittle. That being said, I have wondered if it is possible to run hcg as a base instead of testosterone during cycles. I have done some research on sarms and Im not interested in going that route. Has any one happened to run bloods on hcg only or know what type of ng/dl you may get?

I think its not good idea Dude!

Im just tired of all the supplier quality shit. Whether its from raws or pre made…there isnt a good way of testing potency so I just figured I might try something a little more guaranteed forced natural production

How bout seeing a TRT doc and get put on pharma test? As far as hcg as a base, idk man I never heard anything of that sort.

What are your goals with cycles and what are bloods at right now? Not just testosterone but estrogen. There’s nothing wrong with running ugl gear for testosterone from most sources.

About three months ago my test was 3750 ng/dl and e2 was 22 but that was a few days after adex. I was running 750 mg of test from a ugl a buddy had given me and some biomex that I found on napsgear. I mostly have strength goals. My main wall so to speak right now is I work a very laborious busy job and its night shift. My sleep schedule sucks and its hard to keep a good diet because its hard to find time to eat sometimes

Right now im running homebrew bold cyp 400mg, test e 500 mg, 50mg winny ed

If you are running Test and still feel sluggish crappy etc and you have labs indicating it isn’t estrogen it could be your LH and FSH are low … docs will prescribe hcg around 200ius to get those levels back up I know several people who have that issue but they do NOT use hcg alone the big thing is to have the labs …

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you can’t ‘force’ anything … if you could people would just run hcg …doctors would only prescribe hcg and there would be a much smaller market for test …

Totally agree with @KodiakGrrl , labs will be the tell all. It can be anywhere from your thyroid to inconsistent sleep patterns.

If you’re issue is really your job getting in the way.
Start there and figure out a diet that you can still run while working the job you do. Then get your training program routine. Hour before work or an hour after you have to schedule in workout maybe a bit less if you’re rushing.
Once you get all that together then hit the gear. You should put on good size with a rigorous job and getting a solid diet and workout in once everything is routine for you.

About the potency use blood work to track your levels. This will allow you to see everything from how strong your testosterone is to if you’re AI is legitimate and working.

I would not use hcg as a base instead of testosterone. The one compound that could really be a base compound instead of testosterone is ment or trestolone ace. Ive read some trials about them trying to develop male birth control and the trestolone isn’t stopping there natural testosterone function but is raising there progesterone. One day some of us might be running ment as our base AAS.

Good luck and good gains brother hit me up anytime.


Better then testosterone you didnt find out anything.

definitely need a test base and an AI. hcg will increase estrogen and progesterone too

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What are the benifits of a test base? I dont use ai cause my estrogen stays low without

your goal was to increase testosterone right? definitely want to run a long ester testosterone for several weeks. if you’re not feeling like current test is working or the numbers are still low you should change suppliers

I thought you were talking about test suspension for some reason. I have been running test non stop for over a year. I havent done bloods in a while and switched up my test source. Im running it with bold cyp and I can tell one of em is working not sure if both are though haha

i was thinking you may have thought i meant that lol. but to clarify i think test susp would probably be the worst in terms of shut down since it hits so quickly

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