HCG Proticol for coming off test cyp

HCG Proticol for coming off test cyp

Hi to all and Im new to the forum and seeking some advice please on TRT and coming off test. Ive been running low dose of test cyp around 180mlgram per6-7 days for around 8 months. Im going to look into using some hch and come off for personal reasons and I have seen clips on youtube and other sources that talk about HCG usage. I have used it on and off from prescription of 1000iu of Pregnal with sincle use only and now wanting to purchase 5000iu and 10ml BAC water. My question about mixing is, Do I draw out some bac water and then constitute the powder and then inject that into the 10ml vial for use over a 2 week period of 1000iu each shot. There doesnt seem to be email surport from sites I purchase from as never get replies just order only of product. Im in Australia and doctors here are usless and mostly women who know nothing of hcg or steriod use. Its the reconstituting of hcg that is my concern as a 5000iu vial of powder only has a round a 1mlgram capacity for and storage of reconstituted hcg. Hope this doesnt sound confusing. WOuld appreciate some thought on this issue. Thanks.


Use Bac W 1ml put it in vial of hcg.

Now u have 500iu per 0.1ml so u use 0.2ml per week as u talked no need to put it in 10ml vials.

But i would use more hcg and a little bit of nolvadex if that would be my pct…

Like 2500iu per week and 20mg nolva eod.


I’ll give you my rundown on HCG and what works for me. I get powder. 10000iu. I order new 10ml bottles and Bacteriostatic Water separately. I draw 1 ml of Bacteriostatic Water and inject it into the powder. When you do this, do not push the water directly into the powder. It is very fragile. I inject slowly then roll the bottle on the table slowly until the powder dissolves . Once this is done. I draw 9ml of Bacteriostatic Water and fill the new 10ml bottle with 9 ml of water. I draw out the 1 ml reconstitutedHCG and inject that into the bottle making the total 10ml in the bottle. You now have 1000mg per ml. Now. For me. And you will get many inputs on dosing, but this is my solid plan. I use a insulin pin 30ga 5/16 pin and inject in my abdomen. Pin 25ui Monday/Wednesday/Friday. That’s 750mg a week. Some say more. I have heard up to 2 grams. I have always stated start low then move up. It’s much better to dial in that way. Hope that helps.

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