Heads up texans you are on your own

Dallas police are no longer answering calls of theft or auto break ins etc. And they put this out on the news… so yeah be careful

They rarely showed anyway… Surrounding areas in DFW are more likely to show the DPD ever was lol.

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10 4. Saw that on the news and thought wow just tell em all nobody’s home smh

If you can carry. Do so. If you can’t carry. Have access to what you need. Not to condone law breaking, I carried in the Chicago land area long before the state approved CCW. Remember. If you draw. Have the intention to use. Do Not use it as intimidating tool. Always use as last ditch effort. If you pull it. You better use it. If you pull it. Do not talk to the target. Say nothing. Do your business. If you fire and police show. (They will) you will be arrested. Period. When asked questions, this is all you should say. “ I was in fear of my life and those around me. I have no further comments until I have a lawyer present” Do not give information On the shooting while you are at a heightened state. You may say something you don’t recall. Or say something that can be used against you. In a clean shooting. Most LEOs will be in agreement with your comments. There are some asshole cops that feel they can bully you. Fuck them. Stick with your 5th amendment rights and have an attorney present during questioning. Even in a clean shooting. State may have CCWs but the authorities do not like us to have our right to carry. Be safe out there. And stay frosty.


Sad but exactly how it is. Dont carry until u understand what you will and wont do. Remember the average self defense shooting is 3 3 3. 3 meters 3 seconds 3shots… that’s to fast to plan


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