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Anyone with info did tren a in top of thigh very sore with redness and swelling and is very warm never had it this bad any info appreciated

Hard to say without a photo knowing where you pinned, how and with what exactly.

.5 ml

.25 ml in 2 different spots with a diabetic N

I am no expert here and I’m sure someone else will chime in with more knowledge but I’m pretty sure a slin pin wouldn’t be long enough to go IM here so you did a subQ injection. Also again this is just me personally but it looks like you went in to the quad pretty much dead center, I usually like to go to he outside more and up just a bit more. I use my hand to judge where to inject. I put the tip of my middle finger at the top of my knee and then basically where my wrist is, is where the middle of my quad is ( again this is just me) then I go to the outside of the leg more about three fingers width. Or you can squeeze and actually grab the muscle and kind of walk back with your hands to the thickest part of the muscle. If you want to do subQ however I recommend the belly. I do test cyp injections in the belly with MCT oil, they are smooth and painless.


I’ve pinned some high dose oils that have caused this in me. I like to pin about 45 degrees to the outside of your location. Most of the time about 7 days and it will clear. Not sure how long ago you pinned but, trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right. Go see a doc. Abscess is nothing to joke about. And a slin pin? I agree, not deep enough and could cause cellulitis… I’m no doctor, but if your worried, go to a doc or immediate care.

It was Saturday and thanks

How does it feel today? Can you feel improvement? What kind of Tren? A or E? What was the dose per mil? Those may be factors too. Sorry if I came off preachy. Wasn’t the intent. Sorry.

Tren-A.5ml it’s looks better redness getting smaller and thanks for the info brother




Ass from now on

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Thank you everyone

Ha ha yes ass is good

Looks like it’s getting much better. Quads aren’t a bad place to inject, I prefer them actually. But like @TBU said, more to the outside is usually where I go. If all you have is slin pins maybe try delta though.

Got some better pins nothing but ass now

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Lol nice bud. I don’t mind glute injections just a bit difficult for me to give myself. My girlfriend used to do them for me but now she’s scared to do it because of one incident where the needle kicked out from a contraction my muscle had ( I’m assuming a nerve was nicked) it hurt like hell

Placement is key with your quads bro. It takes some practice but you’ll get better at it. You need to get better at it actually. If you want longevity in this game you need to have multiple sites you can hit and constantly rotate in. I’m up to 16 sites to rotate lol


Gotcha bro I will remember that and my wife usually does mine too

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