๐Ÿ”– Health Pro Tip From Steroidify: self diagnosing sleep apnea

One of the biggest problems for bodybuilders (especially when they are heavy category) is sleep apnea, the airways can be obstructed for many reasons (including the neck muscles) and this can end up causing sleep apnea, today we are going to learn a little trick to self-diagnose it (it is not 100% accurate and you will always require the help of a professional to verify it).


:grey_exclamation:We are going to use the Mallampati score, in the photo we can see four similar but different images, the higher :chart_with_upwards_trend: the score, the more risk we will have of suffering from sleep apnea.

:grey_exclamation:You will need another person ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ*โ™‚ to help you out.

:grey_exclamation:You should be sitting upright with your head in a neutral position, after that you will need to extend your tongue :tongue: and your partner will need to take a look at your overall mouth structure and compare it with the picture.


:grey_exclamation:A score of III or IV would mean that you have a higher risk of your tissue making it difficult for you to breathe causing sleep apnea, if you feel tired :sleeping: or snore often you should see the doctor.


Pretty cool I honestly thought that sleep apnea was caused by just the weight you carry making it hard to breathe.
This is great information for anyone starting to have issues because so many people that live our lifestyle end up with sleep apnea and its just as bad as an injury when not treated.

This is real. I was a class IV about 4 years ago. My dentist got a new laser designed to treat (reduces the collagen) the soft palate. After 4 sessions, I am now a class I. I have to get a touch-up once every 2 years. It was a little expensive, but I can breathe much better and snoring is nearly non-existent, except when I down too much bourbon and pass out on my back. It takes 15 minutes a session and you barely feel it. It doesnโ€™t work great for everyone, weight heavily affects it, but it was worth it for me.


I wish I knew about this treatment before I had my uvula removed.

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Thatโ€™s actually really cool also

So they actually removed yours during a surgery?

Would that procedure alleviate the use of a cpap?

I chose this treatment to avoid getting a cpap, I was struggling for air when I slept which kept me up most of the night. So depending on how it good it works for you, cpap can go away. I have had 2 coworkers follow suit, 1 guy used a cpap previous to the treatment and he no longer relies on cpap. The other guy didnโ€™t use a cpap but drinks beer excessively. While he breathes better after the treatment, it didnโ€™t eliminate his snoring and he is considering getting a cpap.
My dentist also uses it and has had similar results to me which are fantastic.
So results can vary. Your local expert should be able to guide you. I am not an expert, just a consumer of the treament.


Man, I have severe sleep apnea. At my test I stoped breathing 91x in an hour. I almost died during my back surgery because the doctors wouldnโ€™t listen when I told them how bad it is. I stopped breathing during the surgery and woke up in ICU for a week. Idiots. Anyway, its no joke and can lead to weight gain and heart problems among other things if left untreated.


Do you know your class from above?

I donโ€™t, but since I am staying with mom for the time being, I will see if she can take a peek and I will post it.

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Looks like I am a class 3. I have snored all my life and when I got heavier is when I really started having the apneas.


Thatโ€™s rough im lucky it looks like mine isnโ€™t bad I hope that it doesnโ€™t get bad I already have trouble sleeping without meds

Thatโ€™s real bad. Iโ€™m bad but donโ€™t remember my stats but I donโ€™t think its as bad as yours. . Itโ€™s bad enough where insurance paid for a cpap.


Yeah they cut it out and cauterized the soft pallet. They also did a cold laser fusion on the back of my tongue. This was maybe 12 years ago. As I got older and gained weight the snore has returned. I am probably 50 pounds over weight at 245 now. As I lose more weight and get more rest my snoring will dissipate. Some nights I sleep like a baby. Some nights I sound like a pissed off bear.


Ya, its to the point I panic if I dont have my cpap. I hate it really, especially now that I am going out into the dating world. Whatever the fuck tha means these days.

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Good luck in the dating world brother!

245 is alot to carry I imagine that your cutting now if you believe that you can lose 50lbs thatโ€™s a great goal. I myself am cutting but just for different reasons but the surgery sounds like alot. If it worked im sure that it was worth it because I will pay anything for good sleep.

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