Hello Everyone. First timer here. Below is my introduction

Hello Everyone. I am a 41 yr old Female who has lost her way yet again. This has been a lifelong journey for me and it is very discouraging. My first real weight loss was when I was 25 when I followed the WW diet plan. I lost 65 pounds in a little over a year and was able to maintain that weight loss for a little over 2 yrs however found the weight creeping back resulting in many years of unsuccessful diet ventures. As soon as I would begin to see results which is usually around the 15 pound mark, I would feel better but then sabotage all the hard work I put in. In early 2015, I was depressed, felt horrible and was so unhappy with the way I looked that I was considering going in a drastic direction by having gastro bypass surgery to find out that I was not overweight enough, which in all honesty, I am glad about now as it is better to learn good eating habits and doing it on your own because the pride you feel when you have accomplished your goals is so much more rewarding. With that said, in Aug 2015, I decided to join a weight loss center program which cost me $3K but considered it an investment in my health and took the plunge. My hubby was not very happy when I came home and told him I was spending this much money and had bought all their products but I reassured him I was going to stick with it and do it. YES, I did reach my goal with a total weight loss of 60 pounds which I achieved in March 2016 and felt amazing. AND yes, I had a big HA HA I TOLD YOU SO moment when I reached it. I dropped three pant sizes and for the first time in my life, I looked forward to bathing suit shopping. Life happened; we had to move for employment reasons resulting in my no longer having the weight loss centers team to help me as there were no locations in the area in which I now resided. So, here we are, 15 months later, 45 pounds heavier and 2 pant sizes bigger. I threw all my BIG clothes away when I had my big weight loss as I made a promise to myself that I would never again gain the weight back and my pride was broken when I had to tell my hubby that he was right, and had to go clothes shopping and buy new BIG clothes. I have learned through my last diet venture that carbohydrates and I don’t like each other which is hard being an Italian. When I was at the center, they had me taking several different types of supplements in addition to protein powdered drinks, puddings and soups as well as protein bars. There were three different supplement pills I took over this journey (not at the same time; one bottle at a time); the first contained hoodia grodonii, ginseng, green tea, theobromine, banaba, bioperine, vanadyl sulfate, and chromium, the second contained guarana, zhishin, nutmeg, ginkgo and ginseng and the third contained citrus aurantium, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, green tea, gugulipids, metrabomine, tryosine, chromium and platinum minerals. Were they worth $155 per bottle? I don’t know. Or was it that they had me on a very low calorie diet? I don’t know if the supplements were a part of the success of my weight loss but what I do know is that I would like to do this by dieting and exercising only without feeling like I am starving myself and eating nothing but bland chicken and fish. I want to be able to lose the weight and keep it off forever. I want to get stronger and gain my confidence back. I know this was a very long post but it is my initial step and want you to understand my journey and what my goals are. I am looking for the best practice and know that what may work for some may not work for all but I am willing to take any and all advice you can provide me with as you all seem to have had much success on your journeys and who better to ask. I have found that through both weight loss programs, the key to success is the support from others. I look forward to this journey with you and hope I don’t disappoint you or myself again.



@MrsBigMurph Hello and welcome! It’s my pleasure to meet you! You are NOT alone on your journey. We all have journey of our own and you are most accurate that having support from others is key to success.
I meet many women weekly who struggle to lose weight. They tell me all the things that they are willing to do to reach their goals. But, they are baffled when I ask them what are the things they are willing to NOT do…what are they willing to give up, I ask. Most times I get blank stares as a response because we really don’t focus our attention on the things we need to give up.
The first thing I would encourage you to do is change your mindset: think fat loss, instead of weight loss. Are you willing to do that?

Here’s why: muscle weighs more than fat, yet one pound of fat takes up about 18% more space than muscle does.

Hello. Nice to meet you. Thank you for reaching out. I agree. The last diet I followed did not permit us to do any weight lifting because it would affect the number on the scale which would result in not knowing how much weight I had lost which is what I paid for. I am willing to give up seeing the scale move slowly and anything else to achieve my goals. I want to feel better, be healthy, lose the weight for the last time and learn to maintain. What do you think is a good starting point? My diet plan is to eat high protein, low carb, low fat (120g P, 75g C, 47g F). I wanted to do 1200 cals however the hubby is suggesting 1400. Exercise plan is to do 3 days of cardio (treadmill/stationary bike) and 2 days of weights.

welcome to ug. ,
im new also , so dont feel alone. , there are many new members here. , …welcome to the family. i look forward to seeing you. …

Thank you Woden. I appreciate the warm welcome. Have a great weekend

you also mrs murph

I understand that. The entire process for you is going to change :wink:. Slow and progressive it will be. We want you to reach your goals and be able to maintain them. So much money made by weight loss centers, and products like Herbalife etc…but people suffer from residual weight gain due to the inability to continue to purchase those products usually. The best starting point is by far going to be your “diet”. When we in this lifestyle say diet it is referred to the types of foods you consume …not meaning going on a diet.
I do not know your stats, but I’m willing to bet @Bigmurph has your macros planned out for you already since he suggests 1400 calories per day. The great thing is you have the ability to adjust up send down if needed.
2 days of weightlifting may or may not be operative. I would suggest 3 days of weight lifting with 2 to 3 days of cardio. Why? Because building muscle contributes to loss of fat.

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Good morning. That’s great advice. My stats: 5’4" 210 pds, 30+ BF. I will start doing the exercise plan you sugested. I am a sedentary person so 1200 cals is what I would normally strive for but understand that 1400 cals makes more sense if I am including exercise in my daily regimen. Thank you for the advise. If I should have additional questions I hope I can reach out to you again.

Awesome​:+1:You are most welcome! Feel free to reach out to me anytime! Remember, you aren’t alone :hugs:

Welcome! Lets dig in here. I have come to understand that weight loss has a lot if not everything to do with one metabolic profile, including insulin and leptin sensitivity. And much of this is due largely to genetics, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t change that. It takes time, sometimes longer than we want. It all starts with life style, and solid and consistent change in habits that become routine. Begin by subtracting one or two foods (as little as once or twice per week). Say for example, you eat a chocolate cookie every night after dinner. Eat a cookie instead four or five times for one week, 3 or 4 the next and so on until you don’t even think of a cookie. Much of the changes that need to take place are in the brain and largely have to do with dopamine.

Next, plan your daily meals, not hard core, just plan them and eat what you plan. For example, I’ll have a salad for lunch with some rice and piece of fish. Dinner will be some kale, brown rice and a steak (one cookie on wednesday). It takes time for things to change and fast changes only result in fast rebounds. There really isn’t much need for fat burners at this stage as they may only serve to compromise your metabolism and the rebound will only be worse that when you started. The slower the steps, the smaller the steps the greater and more long term the result will be.

Go to the gym, but love what you do, find the love for training, want to train to the point that if you don’t you go crazy. If you hate squats, don’t do them (yet). But if you love working on machines, do that. If you prefer walking in the forest, and hate the tread mill. take that walk. Better results come from loving the process. Progress is a result of the process. The process is the goal, not a low body fat percentage. What we want is to feel better, and love better, and this lifestyle can do that. But it takes patients, determination, and a love of what you are doing. Many of us just love to lift heavy shit, some of love to push ourselves to find our limit, some super dig finding the mind-muscle connection and perfect form (form is important don’t get me wrong). Each of find our bliss in some aspect of this. I really love the diet aspect, not just foods, but the whole damn process, and find a lot of inspiration there. I also love testing my limits in lifting, if I ain’t sweating and breathing heavy, or scared, I didn’t do my work. That’s just me.

Start slow, make the changes that you can, listen to your body and find that sweet spot. Carb cycling, and keto diets can help with insulin sensitivity. I have no experience in keto, but I hear that it can work for many to fight insulin resistance. It may help to get your insulin tested, and a metabolic panel to see where you are at in those respects.

I’ll stop ranting here. But lets see where we can go :slight_smile:


Don’t stop great post brother
We appreciate it also

I forgot to mention that you will want to get your thyroid (T3 T4) checkked as well to see if you have any thyroid issues.

@Mrs-Bigmurph proud to have you with us. Looks like you were given solid advice from members. Love how the community is all about helping each other. Keep us posted.

Thay was awesome advice. My doctor did check my thyroid which was normal. I have to get my diet in check and exercise. I get bored easily and have to change up my cardio routine to stick with it. I love working with dumb bells, not a fan of the weight machines. I know if I jump in too fast and hard I will quiy so I am starting slow and building up as I feel O can do more. I love your thought process on slowly cutting things out of my diet and know I can definitely do that. Thank you very much.

Much thanks. I couldn’t agree more. Great advice and support!

Nice to meet you! I have been and am in your shoes. I had gastric bypass in 2007 and lost 200 pounds. Its not easy and doesnt last forever…
Looking forward to learning from you!

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Is this S-KY? Hi :blush:

How many days can you make it to the gym? Also, starting will shirt term, realistic goals are essential. For example, make it a goal to hit the gym 3 days per week, and for some period of time. For me, taking the time to plan my workouts ahead of time keeps me motivated (i like to make lists and put check marks by the task completed. Workouts are similar). Planning sessions also engages my mind, too, by thinking about what i will be training the coming week. Then, when its planning time again, i look back, see what worked, or what needs changed. And, after a month or so, i see my progress. Now i have a stack of them. And, from time to time, i look at the old ones sometimes finding a routine that i can use again.

So, start with small goals, subtract (not add, yet) certain things in your diet you dont need, and keep a training journal, nothing too time consuming or detailed, just what you planned and completed.


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