Hello Forum. Looks like my old home has been compromised

Hello Forum. Looks like my old home has been compromised

Been a boards for years. Just found this one. Some of yall might recognize my username.

Thanks for having me.



Thanks brother !

Welcome aboard!


Welcome sir!

So many new guys I’m starting to feel seasoned



Welcome bro. We got a good group here.

Welcome aboard brotha, pleasure to have you here, if you have any questions just hit me up man

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around which comprised forum did you come from because there are alot of them right now?

Glad to have you at ugmuscle though brother we do things differently so please read around and get used to our rules

Thanks brother

Welcome to UGM


Welcome to the only place you need to be. Never a bad experience and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


Was one of the first members over on HCU. Learned a lot on that board. One of the top doctors in pro BB is over there and a bunch of other knowledgeable vets. Pretty bummed out how everting when doen with D. He always did right by me.

Anyway thanks for having me bro’s

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