Hello, I’m new here at UGmuscle

Hi, I’m Artie.

I’m a USMC Vet & I’ve only been training regularly for about 6 months this time. Didn’t work out regularly before that for 5 years.

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, about 3 years now. I’m still a white belt.

I’ve been taking pro hormones but came here to up my game & find ways to really get ready for the summer.

I’m not sure what to say so I’ll cut it here.

Thanks to everyone here. There is a wealth of knowledge available.


Welcome again Devildog, don’t be hesitant to ask any questions, and yeah fuck pro hormones…

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Welcome bud

Welcome to the board.
Tons of info on here

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around I would be cautious what people call pro hormones in all honesty they went extinct in 2006 and there just about ready to pass against sarms also which will include legend compounds.

Thanks for serving and welcome…


Did you give him a vet tag @Bigmurph

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Yes sir

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Thanks nice tag

Welcome to UGM!


Welcome aboard Marine. SFMF

Welcome aboard brotha :v:

Welcome bro.

Hey guys. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve been taking a bunch of Blackstone stuff. It definitely worked but I’m looking forward to hearing from a sponsor. I prefer tried & true supplements.
I have to get my diet together. I’m 6’, 247. In my prime I was stronger & weighed about 200 so I want to lose quite a bit of fat. I only do cardio 2 days a week when I do BJJ, looking to make a transformation. 6 months ago I was 258 with hardly any muscle. An xxl sweatshirt stretched at my gut.
While still slightly snug in spots, an XL fits pretty good. I know I’ve put on muscle, and I feel worlds better.
My diet is much better but I want to get it down to a science
If I was going to use AS’s ,it would be tren ace & test prop, PCT clomid.
I’ll find the right threads to talk about this stuff, just had too much caffeine & feeling chatty.
Thanks again


Welcome aboard sir, thank you for your service, were glad to have you.

Welcome to UGMuscle

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