Hello, Im new to ugmuscle

Hello, Im new to ugmuscle

Hello All, I have been lurking around for a year or so. I Have high status on another board but that place went to hell. I am 49 years old and have been training for 35 years on and off. Im looking to get to know a few people here and share my knowledge and learn as well…

Thank you


Welcome aboard! Great place to learn and provide experience!

Welcome bro!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome I’m new to the game so more knowledgeable people here the better for me

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Any questions bro, just ask. I am very safe with my approach. I figured out a while ago that we only need so much juice and diet is everything. Well, Diet, is very important.

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Thank you.

Got my cut down I’m now three weeks from going back to maintenance/maybe above and I’m beginning to wonder how that’s going to work I’m so used to the amount I eat now

Welcome to the board

Its a nonstop game. when i change my caloric intake, i do it ever so slowly.

Welcome man!


Welcome aboard @strong , pleasure to have you here, if you have Any questions don’t hesitate to hit me up

What’s up brother glad to have you around at ugmuscle. We do things a bit differently than other forums but I don’t think that you will have an issue.



Thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate it…

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Welcome brother

Thank you all for welcoming me in.

Welcome to UGM!

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