Hello UGMuscle. My intro

Hello UGMuscle. My intro

hey everyone, just wanted to do my introduction post. so, i want to explain a bit where i am coming from and why i am here.

excuse my lack of grammar as im slightly intoxicated as well :slight_smile:

So, I don’t want to get into my stats because they’re honestly not that impressive… 195 lbs 5’9 around 11% bf maybe. I took a while off lifting and taking things seriously mainly due to health related issues and personal issues but am really getting back into it. But god damn am i having trouble finding good, strong, quality shit from UGL.

Onto my back story… I used to use gear from ONE specific local guy at a gym near me. He had good prices and homebrewed his own top notch shit. And, the shit was quality. I’m talking, you could use like 300 mg of his test e and feel wicked pumps and need a solid dose of AI. His tren e youd take 300 mg a week and feel strong sides. you get my point…

Anyways, since switching to UGL (because my guy stopped cooking and ran out of his his massive stash) I have been having major issues finding similar quality stuff. I KNOW this isn’t in my head. I’m sorry, but to an extent you know if your drugs are strong. Aynone who has ran close to 100% potency gear knows all too well how much real dosed shit makes a dif.

So here I am. I am afraid of jump ship from my current ugl sources because they at least put hormone in their product, albeit i feel the need take 3-4 times the dose sometimes just to feel the same. Also, shit is way more hit or miss with UGL. I’ve had some battches that seemed nearly overdosed, where I’d run the smallest amounts and get a fck ton of sides from the drugs as if I was running massive doses, or I’d have batches FROM THE SAME SOURCE that felt like there was nothing in it at all.

I guess at the least, I’m just looking for a solution to this. Is it homebrewing? But, if that’s the answer, how do you know you’re getting pure drugs from the raw dealer. All of this is such a frustrating crap shoot. I even considered just shelling out top dollar for international pharma products until I did more reading and realized generally those products are easily counterfeited and probably just as hit or miss as UGL. So I’m in a bind. I just want my old local dealer back but that’s not an option. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction int terms of sourcing for pure, real product (I’m willing to spend extra $ if the shit is REAL) I’d be greatlyappreciated. I’m just tired and fed up with this whole shit show

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I can’t help you on the homebrewing part I’m sure someone here can , but welcome to the forum.

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Well to be honest, I am indifferent to what the solution is. If homebrewing is the only solution to the issue I posed, I’m willing to do so, but like I said I’d also be willing to pay top dollar for just good, consistent ugl products.

Welcome to the board

Theres so many factors to consider here. I knew guys that homebrewed while overdosing an item and everyone loved it. I’ve known sources to do the same so people loved it. One overdosed his products by 10-20% so his customers would think his items were the best. While that’s good for some people it would have been best to inform people that because it could mess up a persons cycle plans.

You really have to check around and see what you like. I would suggest contacting a few ugls and ordering a single product you want from each that you can compare. Fast acting product like Tren A.

Remember sides can sometimes be cause by control issues as well. If you have more time then you test blood levels, and see where you are on different products. We have alot of good sponsors here and I’ve seen some tren batches I would love to personally get my hands on.

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I agree, this could be a problem if you thought you were getting one dose but was actually way higher. Could lead to worse sides if you don’t have your ai dosed right. Or pct accurate to the dosage.

Welcome aboard brotha, pleasure to have you here,if you need anything hit me up :v: check us out man we got you covered :muscle:

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around just be cautious about asking about were to src were not here for that were here to discuss your cycle or diet and training.
If you would like to tell us about gear you are using thats great but the question about where to get anything is inappropriate at ugmuscle.

Glad to have you as part of the community just do your own research on sourcing.

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Welcome to UGM


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