Help with coming off gear for 9 months straight

i was running 500 mg Test E and 750mg of decca a week for 15 weeks taking 12.5mg of aromasin e2d. Before I started that cycle dr told me I had low T. I changed jobs so waiting on insurance to kick in instead of cycling off I just cruised with 250mg of test a week for 12 weeks. Now I’m back on cycle running same test but 400mg of tren e and 250mg of Decca a week. Aromasin adjust to how I feel with 25mg of proviron a day. I’m taking 500iu of hcg a week no split which I probably should do but should I just cycle off then go to the dr or try to sake things back some first. If so what protocol should I do? I was going to take 100mg of clomid and 40mg of nolva for 2 weeks then taper down to 50/20 for 2 more weeks.

You have low T becouse of usage of gear or did u use it first time? and as an natural your T was low?

A lot of people dont do good and long pct to get natural hormonos back in.

I use clomid like this:
1 day 150-200mg
2 day 100-150mg
3 day 50-100mg
Rest of the 3-4 weeks 50mg per day.

To much clomid for long time kills good sperm my friend.

Well the sperm doesn’t matter I’m snipped. Lol
But when I was younger I would run gear not take any pct just stupid I done that for about 3 years. The dr was wanting to do more blood work and find out why my T is low but I’m pretty sure that’s why. I have 5 weeks left on cycle before I attempt to come off. ThinkIng about when I come off. Wait 2 weeks then go and have the dr figure it out.

You will make him a lot of problems do you tell him that u use gear?

No I don’t. Thinking about saying I did in the past.

Brother you will be lucky if you get a working endocrine system again and don’t end up on trt now. Alot of nor19 compounds in there and it makes it harder and harder especially decca.

I would get that insurance and do a doctor pct


I’m insured with the company now. What do you recommend. Go after I run my pct or go after my cycle with my system looking like shit?

Go after your cycle, without running a PCT, they will figure out with the low test levels what to do best, they will monitor you better. Maybe they will start giving you only clomid for a while,

Sounds good. Thanks I’ve looked all over the internet and found 900 opinions and none of them even seemed half ass right.

That’s the lovliness of the internet. Always a bunch of BS everywhere!

I am on a maintenance of Test 300 week How did the tren and decca help you ? What were you trying to gain. Looking to add to my test Were they oral or injectable.

They was injectable. That was my first time stacking decca with tren. I was only trying to run decca to help with my joints while on tren because it drys me out so bad. It was a pretty good stack all together.
Ran 500mg test e
400mg tren e
250mg of decca

Ok something new happened today. I read about it somewhere on here before but this might be easier. Long story short tried to get a quick one in with the wife before work and one nutt was somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be afterwards. @Bigmurph don’t mean to tag you but you seem very knowledgeable about these things.

After you busted a nut it went up inside you im guessing and you basically thought that it was gone?

That’s what ive had happen to me before but honestly I don’t know the answer about why this happens.
Once all the blood drained it dropped back into place ive had it happen a couple of times just don’t know why it happens.

That’s what happened. I raised my hcg 250iu a week to 750iu total and cut my tren in half. Give it about 3 weeks hopefully I’ll be able to increase it again.

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