Help with Meal ideas!

I need some assistance and recommendations to help and add to my diet. You see I spent the last 10 years in the military and I can say that I ate at the chow hall almost every goddam day for every meal. And I joined right out of high school at 17 so I don’t know about a lot of other foods I could be cooking/eating or adding to my diet for variety. I do cook all my meals now, only time I use microwave is to heat something up/leftovers. But, I’m only eating like 3 or 4 things, and that is where I need help adding new good protien/carb rich food to my diet. So if its not steak, chicken, eggs, or rice I want to hear about it (long as its not a 4 course thing I need 1.5hrs to make I aint tryin to be no gordon ramsey)

Pork chops, big thick cut Bone in Iowa Chops! Little salt/pepper/garlic, throw it on the grill, hit it with some BBQ sauce right before it’s done so the sauce will caramelize and you’re set!


Sounds like you got your diet in check I eat baked chicken d veggies for dinner everyday 4 eggs 3 slices g bacon and waffle fries every breakfast and lunch is a wild card of some protein and carbs


Bone in Iowa Chops? Is that a specific kind of pork chop? Sounds good!

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Bacon and waffles sound good. I know I can do the bacon.

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Supper 16 eggs turkey bacon :bacon: smoked kielbasa half pot of gravy and 3 cups rice pilaf

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Shit. Im 5’8 175 so maybe 4-5 eggs and turkey bacon!

Typical breakfast I eat every day
Serving of Kodiac Cakes
275g egg whites
4oz turkey ham

8oz slow cooker chicken
6-8oz bakes yellow potato
Mixed veggie

8oz protein of choice
1 cup cooked rice

170g fat free Greek yogurt
1 serving cereal of choice (I’m usually fruity pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or dunkin cereal)

I eat that breakfast every single day. Lunch I eat slow cooker chicken I cook every Sunday. I hate leftover chicken, and can really only stomach leftover slow cooker chicken. Just throw a pack of chicken and bottle of your favorite marinade and let it run low for 8 hours. Just baked yellow potatoes I cut into small cubes and bake. Low cal and satiating. Dinner is always a change. The dessert of Greek yogurt and cereal I look forward to everyday. I will also have a protein shake during the day.

I’m on a cut, hence why the cals are so low


How big are you?

I’m 5’ 10”, 240ish

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Baked sweet potato chunks are awesome. Or mashed sweet potatoes. Asparagus. Brussel sprouts.


Overnight oats, blueberry bagel w/ pb, honey, and banana on top.

Taco soup meal prep, ground bison w/ garlic potatoes.

Spaghetti meal prep with asparagus.

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I’m going to def try all this sounds awesome.

I want to try to eat foods with more protein most importantly instead of always having to drink a protein powdered shake.

6’2 269 today will be 265 by end of week


A big pot roast with potatoes, carrots, celery last me a few days too. Just throw it over the top of rice.

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I just got a crockpot last week for stuff like this. I did like 5 pounds of golden potatoes in it. Was nice to be cake to go to the fridge pull them babies out warm em up & squirt some ketchup on em get some carbs real quick.

My good god man. So basically anything you’re eating any workout your doing I have to cut it in half.

6’3 225 empty

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Man oh man y’all some big mf’s. Maybe I should just get on the hgh

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