Heres my Intro per Customs and Curtosies

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Used another forum for several years, but was told its DIW and not coming back. Like other new faces, Flash Lab pointed me this way as I am huge fan of there work. Not a huge contributor unless I have personal experience or running something I have not tried by Flash. Thankful that these places exist to further a safe and healthy lifestyle of gainz.

Stats 290ish; BF% somewhere in high teens I recon; Age 37; Roughly 15yrs cumulative lifting experience that covers most basic styles (Olympic, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, ect…). Generally only run long estered compounds with ancillary supports. My methodology has been to run 16-24wks of staggering dose then switch to another long ester followed by a reset in the fall. Thought process is to use as little as possible and build over time. This has worked well for me so far with no real issues and blood work comes back great every year. TRT base for life. Around 3 years of chemical warfare experience, happy with current look and how I feel.

Currently off cycle. Current goals to maintain/preserve health. Looking to try a 6-12m GH cycle to heal up nagging issues,keep leaning up, and hopefully stay fresh for years of future training.

Any constructive suggestions on meeting my goals is appreciated as I have never run GH.



Welcome to ugmuscle brother were glad to have you around and your method makes great sense less is more until more is needed.

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Welcome to the board

Welcome- you’ll like it here


Welcome to UGM brotha, pleasure to have you here, if you need anything hit me up man :v:


Glad to have you welcome


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