Hey all, belated intro

Hey all, belated intro

Figured I may as well do this as I’ve been lurking for a while now and getting most of my stuff from sponsors here since I hopped on gear early this year. I’m 25 turning 26, been lifting since I was 13, competed as a powerlifter ages 16-21, fell off for a year and a half after a series of personal tragedies, got back on my game and got my lifts up to 410/250/540 by late-ish last year, decided I wanted to hop on gear but had a bf% around 30 so having researched this subject a few times in spurts over the years, I knew it’d be best to get significantly leaner before touching the stuff.

Realistically, I was still hovering around the low 20% range (say… 19.5-21) when I started my first cycle so I went forward with a recomp diet along with light cardio 3-4x weekly w/ caffeine+DMAA (and my normal training which consisted of 2 heavy squat days (to a top set of 4-6), 1 light (high bar, sets of 8-12) , 2 heavy bench days, heavy deads e10d or so working up to a top set of 3-5, and lots of RDL, rows, pullups for sets of 8-15.

I went bit overboard with dosing considering my first cycle was a 300 mg Test E EoD w/ 75-125 mg Var ED (dose increased 25/day every 2 weeks after week 2) before taking 3 weeks off orals only to add Winny at 75 mg ED while bumping the Test dose. After another several weeks of this, I dropped to a cruise of Test E 75 mg EoD for ~6 weeks and decided to cut on Test E 150 mg EoD, Mast E 180 mg EoD, Tren A 60 mg ED, Anadrol 50 mg ED which is the cycle I’m currently finishing out the last couple weeks of.

It’s been a wild ride, for the downsides: adductor tendonitis unfortunately held my Squat back quite a bit, I wasn’t able to Squat for most of the first cycle, Tren cramps caught me by surprise with how shitty they were but a few 2-3 g doses of Taurine daily and supplementing Magnesium+Potassium cleared up the issue same day and it hasn’t been an issue since. Bacne sucks but none of it is cystic or anything, it’s just blackheads and an extra shower a day seems to solve half of it…except in the summer where two extra showers were necessary lol.

Upsides: I’m up ~17-20lbs LBM on the year, and I’ll be finishing with bf% approaching half what it was when I started, Bench is up to 295x9, DL to 590x8. With the exception of the end of the run with Winny (lethargy) and late Week 1 through mid Week 2 on Tren, I’ve felt great on all compounds I’ve tried. I’ve had some good luck with sides and apparently I won’t have to worry about my hair as neither a gram of test with winny nor test/mast/tren/drol have done anything at all to it.

Anyways, soon I’ll be dropping back down to the cruise Test for 7-8 weeks; after that, time for round 3.


Welcome bro.



Sounds like you have a lot of info to share glad to have you here. Welcome to the community!!!

Welcome to the board.

Welcome, and I gotta say that was a hell of a intro @TheKenpachi, the amount you put in it equaled any other 10 intros put together.


Welcome aboard brotha, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to hit me up✌️

Great intro! Glad to have you here!

welcome bro

Welcome to the forum! Hope you ask questions and seek help for whatever you need bro. Everybody on this forum is knowledgeable and can give insight on things you might need. Other than that, let’s make some gainssssss!!!

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Hey brother welcome to ugmuscle im glad that you decided to join the conversation. I look forward to seeing you in the forums.

Welcome to a great place, with a plethora of knowledgeable folks!

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