Hey all I'm a newbie obv. Hope this goes to the right place

Hey all I'm a newbie obv. Hope this goes to the right place

Thanks for having me! Want to learn but suck at tech pls bear w me


Hey brotha welcome aboard. Wealth of knowledge here. There is no wrong question except the one not asked about training, diet, and AAS. We’re all here and more then happy to help. If you need help or have some questions just click on my picture next to my name and contact info will appear. Again welcome man :v:

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Thanks I need to figure out proton mail and get set up


It’s easy and free brotha, just enter proton mail into your Google search bar and just go from there

Welcome aboard sir! I’m a little lacking in tech myself, although if my wife ever divorces me I’m gonna figure out how to use tinder lol.

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Welcome, the site will take a bit to get use to but you will get it, and yes proton is easy to set up.

If you download the proton app it goes through and sets it up with you really easily. There’s good articles here on using bitcoin too.

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The app was the way to go for me. Search the App Store and it walks ya thru.


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Ha ha well you didn’t actually introduce yourself


On a intro, the more info people give the more people are going to be able to help you…

It is moved or I should move?

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That’s your introduction now if you would like to edit what you wrote your more than welcome to do so that way we can know a bit about you welcome to ugmuscle

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Welcome bud

Welcome !!

Welcome to UGMuscle.

Welcome aboard! Let us know a few details about you. Lots of people willing to help.

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