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Good afternoon everyone! Came across this site in a hunt for a decent source and really liked how open and honest everyone seems to be about it all. Not a fan of the whole secrecy “pretend it isn’t happening” attitude. But about me, I’m 32, Male, and 6’3" at 195lbs and have been lifting about 4 years fairly seriously. Sadly my dieting and exercise took a back seat when my daughter was born and I’ve been working on losing the fat chub and regaining muscle. Dropped 45lbs since March and currently on LGD 4033 and Rad140 but am looking for something a bit stronger for faster results. Attending a wedding at the end of October with some people I haven’t seen in 10+ years and wanna look my best. Never done steroids but was thinking Winstrol might help cut the body fat and add on a bit of muscle. Thoughts and professional opinions?

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First. Welcome aboard!
I would recommend staying away from a Winstrol only cycle. It’s no joke. While it is my favorite, this one has quite a few sides to deal with and long term issues. Also Winstrol only is no bueno. If you’ve never had a cycle before. First time I would work a diet and just TestE 500mg twice a week. (250mg Monday 250mg Thursday) you can and will lose fat on a test cycle with a good diet. If your really serious I’d contact @PHD for a full blown diet and lifting regiment. Hell, he might be able to get you there with no AAS. Just remember. Once you get on the merry go round, it’s a mother fucker to get off of it once you start…


Welcome aboard brotha. Nice weightloss of 45lbs man. I really don’t recommend winstrol brother. I would more or less focus on your diet and cardio to lose those vanity pounds. You could even run a good fatburner. Winstrol should be used at the end of a prep or cut with a low dose test as your base. If you really wanna start PED I would recommend getting base blood work done then start with a basic run of Testosterone only. You will still tighten up nicely with test as long as your diet is on point.

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Thanks for the info guys. My diet and exercise are pretty on point and I’m seeing decent results natty plus then trying the SARMS cycle. I’m just looking for that extra edge to see some better muscle gains and fat loss. I’ll check into just going with Test. What’s the preferred supplier that doesn’t require bitcoin only?

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the same rules still apply for fitness. Eat righ,t sleep right, lift right and you will see amazing benifits. Aas only serves to increase those benifits but do not allow you to bypass your bodys natural function. Winstrol is not a fat burner in and of itself. Mostly it decreases subcutaneous water retention so your muscles shows up better haha. It was originally designed for people with muscle wasting deseases.

Welcome aboard and congrats on your weight loss. Hit me up if you need anything or want info on training. I can keep you natty if you want for sure. Aas aren’t a magic key they help but diet is key. Here If you need me

Im definitely seeing results and am pretty strict with all parts of my routine, I’m just looking for something to enhance the process. I started lifting cause I was a skinny fat. High body fat but little to no muscle so I’m sadly a hard gainer. I would like to take something to help my hard work reap benefits.

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Welcome to the board.

Welcome, you found the right place.

Welcome. The guys that posted so far have pretty much covered the bases. Congrats on the weight loss and even better than you’ve been doing so well with your diet and fitness. We don’t necessarily suggest not to use something as let’s face it, most of us do but you need to take the proper steps. Skipping Test and going straight to something like Winstrol isn’t such a good idea. Most people have this idea that Winni is a great starter AAS but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. It can be a very dangerous choice if you’re not careful and it definitely has some pretty nasty sides that can occur if you don’t respect it. I would personally suggest a low dose of test only as a first go. 300 to 400mg for someone that it on point with their diet and fitness, such as yourself, can see amazing progress from that. As for the sources, well you’re going to just have to check them out for yourself and see what their offerings are, what prices, payment options etc. I would suggest visiting our bitcoin section to learn how to use bitcoin.

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Sounds good boss. Ya, after a bit more reading around I’m not liking the sounds of shoulder cramps with the winni. Im not looking for something long term, only a single run of 6-8 weeks just to get me looking my best for the wedding and it’ll likely be my only cycle. I’ll definitely be going with test. What are the general thoughts on adding in clen to help out with those last few pounds?



Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome to our board.

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