Hey all you doctors weigh in

So my dad’s in pretty rough shape, 63 years old kidney transplant recipient, shitty spinal fusion in 92. The failed spinal surgery allowed him to mutter through till two years ago on tylenol, indomethacin, Celebrex,etc. Until his kidneys gave out. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about deca helping with that pain. Would that work?

Have you tried a Tens unit and ultrasound at home?


No I haven’t, but I do have 1 may try

Helped my father a lot. He loves it. Went to VA to demand his doctor to give him one.

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That’s good to hear, sucks people have such a hard time w the va, hear that alot

I have no useful advice, but man your dad sounds tough as hell, I definitely hope you guys figure something out.

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I wouldn’t put anyone on any steroids with failed kidneys bro not smart at all even if he had one replaced.


Hope your dad gets some relief. Cbd is really big right now and could offer him some relief. I’m not versed on it much though. Good luck bro

Thanks I’ve seen the stuff everywhere


I agree 100%

Yes it is everywhere @Sig516 but most of those little stores that have them, there cbd shit is garbage

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Sorry to hear your pop is in bad shape…
I don’t know what will help, but I do know that Tylenol will fuck your kidneys up… WHY would they give him that, it’s criminal…
Try CBD oil, or morphine if they will script it for him…

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My head is going to explode!! Not that all that was said could be true you have to tread lightly due to multiple DXs. Try to reach out to a palliative care team, agency, care manager. I know palliative care and hospice are mentioned in same breath but all that has changed in the last decade. If pain management, quality of life us the biggest concern, these entities have more leeway with meds. Usually nothing novel but effective use of medications. I’ve had patients on hospice for many years and I’m not suggesting that per say but palliative care/ holistic tx whatever they want to call it. Checking into it might lead you to someone who actually cares and is an advocate for your dad.


Thank you. I never realised how much a transplant team ONLY cares about said kidney function until he received his. Dont get me wrong we are extremely blessed by the donation but still. If it wont directly mess up the graft they dont mess w it. Yet you can’t take anything ever they dont approve of or your kicked off the list :thinking:

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