Hey guys I'm new here. I was referred by rusty

Hi guys I’m new here, I have been working out for the better part of 20 years off and on. I use to be a certified personal trainer and certified in nutrition. As I get older I feel that it’s getting harder to build muscle and maintain. I can no longer lift heavy because my joints don’t allow me to. So I’m looking for some ideas on what I can do to keep going. Thanks guys.


Welcome brother! Great place to come and find knowledge. Lots of smart folks here. I’d say start by reading as much as you can. Use the magnifying glass for any particular questions. Jump in and join the community!


Welcome aboard.

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Im Rick James, Bitch!

Haha sorry couldn’t resist! There is a post here talking about this issue specifically, I’ll find it and tag you!


Welcome, diet is key to whatever you’d like to accomplish, but a good test cycle is fun, and it sounds like a low dose a deca would help the joints

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@Rickjames First off welcome!

There are so many variables to this as always! What is your past experience and i will do my best to help you. Also, any prior medical conditions or blood work result would be great!

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@Rickjames get down on that good foot! Haha you can’t go wrong with letting Optum guide you brother. He is the gate keeper with many keys of what you desire!!!

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Last October I had blood work done during a hospital stay. They said my testosterone was through the roof. Higher than a 16 year old kids… but I would like to get that rechecked. No medical issues. I’m just 41 years old. I have put my body through hell with sports and work. And it has all caught up to me.



Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

@Rickjames well a 16 year old might be 550mg/dl so- that’s not to high but healthy!

I would suggest the following just given the brief above write up!

Test Cyp- 1.5cc 2x weekly- Monday and Thursday
Deca- .75cc 2x weekly- Monday and Thursday
HGH- 2iu Daily- Every AM prior to breakfast- Weekdays only
HCG- 250iu 2x weekly
Arimidex- .5mg 2x weekly on non shot days

This should truly get you working in the right direction and would love to see you blood work to help cater a even more exact cycle and protocol for you!


According to doctor I was more than 2x that amount of testosterone. I was told to get it rechecked by a blood specialist

Welcome brother let’s get it :muscle:

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@Optumpharma I like that HGH for breakfast can’t go wrong there.

I hear Nugenix paired celltech yields massive gains.


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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to UG bruh!


welcome RickJames, I may have missed this info but have you ever ran any cycles of any kind before?


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