Hey guys wanted to introduce myself!

Hey guys wanted to introduce myself!

Hey all! Just joined this forum recently. Have done once cycle of test e and just see nothing but good information. I’m definitely here to see all the valuable information you guys have all to share. I would say I am somewhat of a beginner when it comes to being enhanced so I’m hoping to learn more from each and one of you. :slight_smile:


Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around you should include your stats to let us know where your at and how did the original cycle go for you what were your gains like and do you think that you would do something differently if you could do it again?

21 6 feet tall… about 165 at about 12% body fat. My first was test E 500mg a week. I honestly feel that it did not go as well… maybe my source was bunk?

6ft 165 12% bf? Are you sure brother? I’m 6 1 222 20% bf. If that’s the case, and I’m very far from an expert, I’d say something went wrong w that cycle, welcome btw

Yea man, something went wrong. I had 2 separate blood tests during the cycle and one was at 1100 test and 1200 levels

If I had to do it again I definitely wouldn’t get it from the same source.

Welcome to UGM!



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At that dosage you should of been on cloud nine, maybe try some anti estros…

What are anti estros exactly?

Welcome, if your asking about anti estrogens you did not even remotely do your research before you did test cycle, ask a lot of questions and do a LOT of research


What was your levels before taking your cycle? How long? Did you cycle. At 21, you’d be at the upper end of your levels anyway. Unless you have some sort of medical issues? At 500mg you would see higher numbers for sure.
If you cycled there’s the whole diet. Workout. There is too much going on here. I’d start over. Train hard. Eat like a horse. Good protein/diet for at least 4 years before id even cycle. The guy who taught me back in the day made me train hard years before he even suggested a cycle. That was after I hit a sticking point. The prize for me was if I showed solid progress then plateaued. Then it was just a 500mg TestE cycle for 12 weeks. And holy fuck. I took off. There’s a ton to read here. And I’d recommend going through the terabytes of information already laid out. And get a trainer. Learn the ropes first on diet. Training. Supplements. Before going to the next level. I got a ton of what not to do stories. Because there was no forum or internet back in the day. Only bro science. And that’s not good.


He’s not gonna be able to answer shit


Someone told him to use anti estro in this thread why I don’t know but he even asked why
Were here to help

This is who suggested it

Someone did suggest, but he had no a clue what they even are I know were here to help but he already ran his first cyc and has no clue about adex, aromasin etc


That’s what im saying he admitted that it didn’t go well when he was young but im not sure why other guy jumped in and reccomended anti estrogens.
He asked what they were shoot him atleast a search with the magnifying glass for aromatase inhibitor.
I don’t believe that he knows anything farther than testosterone just like you believe but the other guy is the issue not you meaning @bruno2324 shouldn’t just be throwing around information like that

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This here is a pure case of:

  1. Someone told him they were on the juice and Said try this.
  2. Hasn’t had anyone tell him more than bro science.
  3. Just uneducated and fishing.
  4. All of the above.

I’ll always try and help. But 21 I have a tough time telling people to jump on the gain train. I know others will say fuck it. Do it. But if you want to live past 60. And keep your shit, better start off right. :grin:


So what your saying dosing at 500 Mg of Test a week and not taking with some anti estros is bad information. Okay, Dr Brother… you must know best…

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