Heyas pepoles and pepets

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New here to UG. See a lot of friends from another forum I was on, and was invited by my good buddy sieg :slight_smile: I am 43 years old and weigh 225lbs. Been lifting for years off and on, and decided here when I was close to 40 to get serious about it. Kids have grown up and now its my time to enjoy getting that sexy pump that only comes from smashing that iron. So been lifting at least 5 days a week for a handful of years now, and added gear in a lil while back. Have learned a lot and look forwards to learning a lot more. So look forward to making more new friends here!


Welcome Titan, nice to see you here :slight_smile:

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Hey Titan!!! Welcome brother!!!

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Good to see ya my friend! :blush:

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Howdy Titan good to see you!

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welcome t.
dont know how i missed this.

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Welcome to the community brother im @Bigmurph and @PHD or @SIEGMUND are all here to help you anytime with anything.
Were glad to have you hit me up anytime

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Hell yea welcome @Titanings glad to have you

Welcome Daaaaaawg!

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