HGH can cause gyno wtf

Reading this article I agree with most of what they wrote. I already knew about hgh being able to cause gyno through progesterone build-up. The part about letting your hormones getting out of control whether it be up down left or right causing gyno is the reason I posted this article because just allowing any of your levels to get low or high is dangerous.
The part also about stopping your cycle because of seeing gyno onset is not what to do is another big reason because this is why its so important to have pharma grade nolvadex on hand plus your AI pharma grade.
I got a gyno scare last cycle and just using aromasin and nolvadex has gotten rid of the issue around 80% and I still have another 2 months on nolvadex and hopefully it all goes away.
If I wasn’t prepared it could have set in and become tissue and then surgery is the only way to deal with it then.
Please brothers keep pharma grade nolvadex and pharma grade AI in your stash. It’s just really important. Nothing against any ugl but don’t put trust in the compounds that can’t not work perfectly with a supplier that doesn’t have 3rd party testing or some type of oversight.
Basically just use pharma grade nolvadex, clomiphene, adex, aro, letrozole, hcg, I will even say use pharma grade proviron not a must but why not right?
To end this post I just wanted to also say that there are a ton of fake pharma grade products floating around. Even some coming from really trusted srcs who might not even know that its fake so be careful and always come to UGM to let the community help verify that your pharma grade is pharma grade.

I wanted to add one more thing give up on trying to buy methenolone enanthate pharma grade. It’s almost all fake buy a solid tested ugl. You can get 200mg/ml which is easier to pin anyways.
Stay safe brothers
Good luck and good gains


100% agree with always using pharma grade for pct! Pct is the last thing you wanna screw up by risking even the smallest under dosing

Did you mean to leave this this way? :wink:

Not at all thanks I copied these over from there to post here.
I will edit that I appreciate it I thought I had caught all that.

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