Hgh dissolved finished clarity

So I have seen two different end products based on looks.
Product X dissolves I’m the fridge in about 40 minutes and becomes clear.
Product Y dissolves in about the same time, yet looks like it has miniature semen instead of clear. Giving it an almost cloudy appearance.

Both have provided the sides associated with gh, however the milky product seems to give me more numbness and joint pain.


I sure make some unpopular posts lmao

Lol, I think it’s probably just the fact that not a lot of us run GH often enough to have any insight or opinion. I’ve only run GH twice and it was all from the same supplier. Always nice and clear and dissolved quickly. Anything over 5iu would give me the numbness I expected but under that it was like I was using nothing. Quality probably just wasn’t there.

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Oddly 2 of the three supplies are clear but one dissolves slowed and is cloudy until next day it is finally clear but it’s thicker and I get numbness off 3ui. Almost seems stronger but didn’t know if I was getting something different