HGH in the pen's coming soon

Here is some pictures how it will looks. Hope to start in a 3-4 weeks


Are you making these? Doesn’t look like lilly

Will start soon

Can you message me prices please

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At this moment I don’t know, it’s just a first prototype :slight_smile:
We plan to start in May-June, so in the end of the April we will know final price


Ok cool. I still want to get from you soon. I will msg you so we can talk

Def gonna hop on these👍

I’m super excited for these bro. I’l be anxiously waiting their debut. I just ordered three kits of your oneQ blue. Smarter minds then mine swear by your product. I’ll post baseline bloods as well as bloods after a month on your blues.

Best Wishes, Primo

Very interesting waiting for more info :+1:

I like the step forward in Administration.