HGH Pinning Methods & PIP

HGH Pinning Methods & PIP

So, how does everyone PIN their HGH?

I have been pinning IM for almost 2 weeks, and holy hell does it leave behind days of PIP. I decided to switch to SQ and see how that rolls for me.

Where are you pining for IM? When I used HGH last year - I always pinned in my delt. I never had a pip problem with HGH. Now propionate any test or Nano propionate it leave me a pip no matter where I pin.

I’m just the opposite on the Test so far.

I have been pinning it in my thighs, but it may be a misnomer, since thighs are still virgin territory for mostly everything.

I did pin in delt once come to think of it, and it didn’t really leave any pip.

SQ has been the tried and true forever with GH and I know there are opinions about IM being better etc., but I think SQ will work.

I don’t mess with legs or quad injections to many veins and nerves. I only stick to the basics delts for small oils micro injections, hcg or HGH or gultes for for large oil injections.

Man I hit a nerve in my quad the other night didn’t hurt just sent chills down my leg must’ve lost some fat on my thighs.

Never heard of pip with hgh bro. I do mine IM quads and delts. I use the pharma pins but still even ug gh I’ve never had pip. Does sq hurt? I know of one client of mine no matter what gh he used he would swell at the injection site no pain just a knot I had him stop using it. No clue why his body reacted like that.


That’s pretty odd pip from gh. I always do SubQ and never had issues. Sometimes I might get a lil bump where I pinned but that’s pretty rare and I’m sure it was due to bad injection on my behalf cause I was in rush or something. Does the pain remain for days on end or for a few minutes, hours?

Both thighs were sore for almost 2 days and finally are almost going away after leg day, and some slightly more intense cardio last few days. It may have been the fact that I haven’t pinned in thighs with anything yet and/or other minor things. It was tolerable, but was just wondering if it was something I had to endure all of the time going forward.

Pinned SQ stomach last 2 and so far, so good.

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Yup brotha pinning virgin muscle we’ll def give you a little discomfort

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