Hgh questions for healing!

My uncle (in his 50’s) is having surgery and wanted to go on gh for healing purposes. What dose ane how frequent do yall reccomend?

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From my personal experience, i used 4iu daily, 2iu am and 2iu pm after my surgery.


3 ius daily for healing, wellness and general anti-aging … I typically do 12 months on that protocol and then off, using 350-400 mcgs of Sermorelin as a GH enhancer … then back on HGH. I don’t see a huge difference between the two at that dosage to be honest…dreams and sleeping aren’t nearly as deep/ intense on Sermorelin.


will definitely feel 3iu. doesn’t seem like a lot but it goes a long way especially with long term use


I would actually recommend using pharma grade hgh or equivalent. I would use 2iu or 1iu split. It will need to be taken long term so I would get atleast 6 months worth. Anything less isn’t going to do much. I used hgh and it helped my ruptured bicep get better and it helped my knee and many other things that I was having trouble with.
Its not everything great though. Hgh has a range of side effects that suck lol I always hear about how good hgh is but no one likes to talk about how bad the side effects are. I would definitely dose with the comfort level of the side effects. So if 2iu at night is good then go with it. If it helps splitting go with that. Especially with good hgh like pharma grade or equivalent it doesn’t take much. I would also recommend using the hgh test kit from @ROIDTEST. Hgh is the most faked substance on the planet. You definitely want to go with a top sponsor.

Just curious what type of surgery?

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