Hi everyone new here

Hey everyone …

I’m an ex hip hop dj / producer …
Toured the world ,
Worked w platinum rappers etc

Then got blackballed … because of some lame impersonating me

Anyways I quit the scene and now a boring IT tech

Been working out for 5 years now , trained with some professional bodybuilders

But stil my body won’t change anymore and covid killed me , back to square one…

Any workout advice hit me up thx


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Welcome… please contact sponsors directly.


Welcome- what are your stats, goals and current plan you are doing food/weight training.

Thank you and look forward to helping.

5 10 , 225


I just quit smoking bud , so no more munchies … I was mad since March and gained like 20lbs

Now lost weight starting to see abs but need more work

On some hgh flash at moment and ran out of test cyp

Starting to see small results

Since gym opened I’m doing. A 6am cardio and evening workout

Trying to do chest/back on one day , shoulders/arms, legs and repeat

But yesterday I crashed after cardio and work couldn’t do evening workout

Welcome my man, do you have a cycle in mind? What’s your experience with AAS

I have low T so I need it … had bad accident when I was a kid doing bmx

So I been on and off T … some deca / hgh here n there but not sure if it’s good

Thank you for the reply. Seems like you just need a overall wellness program to get you back up and running.

I would perscribe the following given what you mentioned above.

Test cyp- 1cc on monday and Thursday
Deca- .25cc on Monday and thursday
Arimidex- .5mg on tuesday and Friday
Hgh- 2iu upon waking monday- Friday

We could also look at clen with your fasted cardio in the morning at 2days on 1 day off to help speed up the process.

This will just be a very mild wellness cycle as we get back into everything without going crazy while trying to get in shape.

All the best and we are all here to help.


Solid Op! Was curious what you were going to dose him at. Like that it’s not 9 things and all high doses and the clen is a nice touch. Back when I was younger I ate them like pez lol


Yeah op got it handled with finesse, you can’t go wrong with what he suggests, I’ve had a good cycle and kept most of my gains and have had a smooth transition while on PCT. After you get a little leaner we can get you on a more sophisticated cycle.

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Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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Thanks bro … did I do anything wrong sorry if I did thx


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Welcome aboard

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Welcome aboard

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