Hi guys new here! Wondered if you could help me out

Hi guys I’m Xander, I’m 24 5’11 and 81kg I trained natural for 5 years but in the last year or so I’d been getting symptoms for low testosterone and honestly I’d been feeling so shit

I tried to get a doctors appointment but it was taking too long so I got a private blood test done (I’m from the U.K.) this test showed that I was very very low on testosterone (4.1) and I wanted to sort this out because at 24 I shouldn’t be this low, so I did my research and started myself on 500mcg of test e (250 2x a week) I had been on it for 6 weeks and I felt amazing my energy went up my mood shot up and I just generally felt so good! Apart from my face looking puffy I’m not sure if that’s a side affect of test?

But then I got a call from the doctors saying that they wanted to do tests to see if I did have low t (if I did I’d get trt on prescription) so I stopped my cycle 6 weeks in and I’ve been off the test e for 8 days now and I feel so shit again

My question is how long will it take for the testosterone levels to go back to low and how long till the test e leaves my system so I can go for the tests, tbh I just feel shitty at the moment and I want to get back on it

Thanks Xander

Welcome to the board.
Someone who knows will chime in shortly.

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Welcome aboard brotha the half life of test enanthate is 7-9 days, it’s definitely one of the longer ones. The puffy face you were talking about is called “moon face” pretty commonwhen test and estrogen are high. Now just because the half life of the test is 7-9 days that’s the amount of time till it’s outta your system. For your test levels to get back to normal your looking at 1-3 months. With enanthate I would put you right around the 2 month mark. I’m not 100% sure on this but a proper pct might help test levels to get back to normal range, I don’t pct but maybe someone who does and gets bloods regularly can chime in and help in this department.


Your test levels are still thru the roof. The enanthate ester has a half-life of slightly under a week. Feeling shitty is in your head, not due to low test. Your best bet is to delay the bloodwork 2-3 weeks from now in order to show low levels.

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Welcome. You over prescribed yourself test, 250 x twice a week is double the normal trt dose, and IT doesn’t appear you have you even thought about a AI


Welcome. I’ll say that I run test e or c at 500mg/wk on most cycles. At that dosage, my test is above 3000, so unreadable by the test my doc uses. My free test is around 400, and that was before I started using proviron. At my first lab at that dosage, I was only using my AI (adex) at .5mg twice a week. My estrogen was at 400, which is insanely high. If you’re not using an AI with that much test you’re going to have serious issues with gyno, moonface, bloating, etc. Get educated on test and AI immediately. At your age I can’t imagine you having low t. Do you mind if I ask what gave you that suspicion?

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Get the tests done and explain to your doctor that you took your health into your own hands because you didn’t know what else to do and get the test done now he or she can then monitor all your levels and get you right.

Trt with your doctor will be your best bet for right now I believe

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around and I hope that you stick around and let us know what happens


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Welcome to the board. Being off 500 mg test E for 8 days isn’t long enough to drop your levels to where it’s causing you to feel like crap


Dropping off 500mg/week combined with “moon face” probably has your estrogen running high and way out of balance with you test level which is dropping. If you have any AI (sounds like you dont) you should take it. You can try some on cycle estrogen blocker at your local supplement store and that may help some. At one month I would think your levels should be low again but your estrogen may still be jacked up. You’re gonna keep aromatizing the test that’s there but not be making any new test.


Hi everyone thanks for the replies sorry i forgot to mention that i have ai on hand i have aromasin and nolvadex and clomid ready, i have taken aromasin multiple times the last few weeks and still have the puffy face

the reason i wanted to know how long it would be in my system is because i dont want to go to the doctors and say that i started taking test on my own as im worried id get in trouble as im in the uk and on the nhs

part of me wants to carry on as i felt so so good but then another part of me wants to stop and get it done by the docs but theyre useless in my opinion! when i got my original blood tests done my test was at the very bottom of low and for a 24 year old i just dont think its right or fair that i have to have this stopping me from feeling right! the doctor even said to me that even after i go for another test and its still low that they might not put me on anything because im 24 but still i dont think thats fair either :confused:

also just for contex i first went for tests because i was getting symptoms like very low mood tired all the time and ed sometimes (which im embarassed about) which is why you can probally see why i want to get this sorted

thanks again for taking the time to reply and help me out!

(sorry if my reply doesnt make total sense i have dyslexia!)

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There’s a problem here because we really can’t answer your question.

Only your doctor can through bloodwork testing and diagnosis. Your low t at 24 can be caused by multiple things.
I would stick with the doctor until you atleast know that everything has been checked and if in the end it is actually low t and they won’t help you then you have alot to think about because starting trt at 24 is going to be very hard for the rest of your life having to inject especially if you don’t go the doctor route you will always have to get your own bloodwork done and you will need everything that goes along with it the cost will continue to rise and it will be difficult to do without a doctor. I reccomend if you want to take care of low testosterone to go through the doctor don’t do it on your own.
Your low t really isn’t that low and by taking testosterone at 500mg a week isn’t going to help you get your low t back to normal.
Ask your doctor for clomiphene it is known to raise low testosterone levels in men.


If you’re not already, start taking the adex, nolva, and clomid. That will bring your natural levels back up to wherever that is gonna be. Wait about 6 weeks after last injection and get to the doc. Like @Bigmurph said that is your best solution. Staring a lifetime injection protocol at 24 is quite an undertaking. Hopefully there is a better solution for you.


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