Hi I ‘m from Europe and this forum rocks

Hi Everybody, I’m new here on this forum, I ‘m from Europe and I finaly found fucking amazing forum, without scammers, people are nice and friendly,


Welcome aboard! I would look through the categories in the drop down. You can pretty much find all your questions in those different topics. Some sponsees may help you as well. Glad to have you aboard.

Welcome aboard brother, were glad to have you! Just a friendly heads up we’re not a source forum my man, I think you can probably find a good answer if you browse through the forum, but we don’t ask each other where to find compounds. Your right though, this forum is dope, hang around make good friends!



Welcome to the board.
This is the best forum to be on.

Welcome bro!! Glad to have you great guys here!!

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome aboard brotha!

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome bro. Yeah this forum is great



Welcome to a great place of knowledge and comareedarie!

Welcome to the forum!

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