High tren a , low test

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tren a , and prop.
where is your sweet spot. ?
for myself. i tolorate tren very well the sides are second nature to me … i generaly donot sleep i cat nap. , also the sweats do not bother me.
i personaly run my test lower than tren. , but i have ran it 50 /50. …
where is your sweet spot. ??

I run Tren at 150mg week, Test at 75mg weekly. I know mine are baby doses compared to what males can run. :slight_smile: The night sweats don’t bother me either and i have bern taking lunesta to sleep for almost 10 years, so no issues there. But i can reach level 100 of crazy real quick if i don’t control the Compound.

This is my area I love to play around with. My cycle results vary depending on goals and needed activity level for the time being.

Ultimately my preffered dosage is: 1000mg weekly Trenbolone Acetate or hexy and 350 mg testosterone propionate. But sides are harsh on this and I can’t run this all time.

For a regular coasting cycle I go with 700mg test propionate and 350 mg Tren A.

When I bump it I go with 1000mg Test Prop and 500mg Tren A.

As sad as it sounds I live on the top floor of my building with no elevator and walking those flights daily on high Tren is killer on me.

Tenny on ProM years ago got me to the next level on my cycles with 1k test as a base. That was probably my best growth I ever experienced. I kinda regret scaling back but my health at the time needed it. Now I’m at the point of getting back to where I was.

My current run is 700mg Tren and 350 Test prop. But my tren is mixed between between orals and injectable this week and in a few days will be back on all injectables.

my sweet spot 700 tren and 350 prop

I was thinking for my first tren run I would keep my testbat a trt dose and just add 25-30mg ed of tren a. I googled this and researched a lot and saw some people having great results just adding tren to trt dose of test. I’m also VERY much so a more is less when it comes to gear. So I know that tren is low, but I feel like for a first run could still have good results and low sides.

thats a good starting point. , 150 a week, and i like the trt dose

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I typically don’t run trenA unless I’m competing. I stick with hex or trenE. I’ve ran it at 700mg a week with zero test for nationals a few years ago and felt like death. Imo it really didn’t make that much difference than running it 300mg a week. I know I very popular coach that has his guys run it at 1400mg a week which is plain fucking stupid. Side can be rough long term with trenA so deff take precaution run NAC for your liver

I carry hex fyi, just not advertised on site since its mainly personal use

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Love hex @FTS

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Love it. All by itself, not in a “tri Tren” or something like that. I might be wrong but didn’t you do 100mls before.

everyone has a sweat spot i know many that run no test. , i know many that stay on there cruise. ,also. , every tren run for me is differnt. at least for the most part has been. …
i never ran a mix until now. , the andro. actually im generally aginst mixes (personal prefernce) because i like to be in control.of the dosing. to be accurate … like i have been saying tho im pleased with the andro. …
50,50 ,and 50. i was adding a little more tren to the mix tho. because i wanted my prop at 50 ed. and thats the 1st time i ever ran i believe mast was the other 50. , …
and i like my tren around. 4 or 500…and i actually went to eod pins with the andro. ., i was killing the wife. … so i was on basicly. 150. prop .150 mast. , and 450 tren a…

i like A. because if my dosing gets to high or the sides get. crazy. i can adjust. , and correct it in days. … i do recommend. anyone using tren there 1st and 2nd run use A. , because the sides can get fierce. i had it where my bp was threw roof , i had it where , sweats were unbarable. , ihad it where sleep.was impossible. …with ugl (which there is no pharma tren ) and. sometimes batches can be stronger than others. …just mt exp with running it and its all i run. …really.

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