History of UGmuscle

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Hey friends,
I was just curious about the history of UGM. Is this a new board, or an old board with some new people behind the scenes? I know several of you from other sites and I think I might no some folks from their old names.

Sieg and Big Murph I’ve got some history with. Tren god and PHD, do i know you from previous boards?

I saw big murph now sports a ban tag at MG, like myself and so many others. Seems to be some conspiracy theorys there about UGM trying to steal members away from MG.
Really disappointed in some of the back stabbing going on too. Guys that were once great friends now treating that friend like shit because he chose to leave a forum. I know why guys left, and I know its the great group of people over at MG that makes members want to go back. I think I wore out my welcome when I spoke out about the fake reviews from those 2 sources.
I spoke out about them in 2015 and got banned… knew things were not right and the source pampering only got to be more obvious as the days went by.
You men that turned on Sieg should be ashamed… You know who you are and I bet you are here reading this… checking in to see how many more MG members have registered here.


Why did I get banned from mg I haven’t logged in there in atleast a month what did I do wrong to get banned.
This board has actually been around awhile there is a large group of original ugm then there are nrew ugm because the site was updated and has a new look.
We honestly never stole anyone its ridiculous everyone knows that most of us our members at multiple boards.

You are the only member that has openly supported @SIEGMUND
Much respect because he deserves our support he has become a scapegoat and he did nothing wrong neither did I.
How do I get banned from a board when I have broken no rules?

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I think they have spun the whole fiasco with the fake reviews into some big conspiracy by UGM to steal members. They delete any mention of why I, SF, and Ram got banned ( and other members earlier on) and replace it with garbage about how Sieg turned on them. Sieg just stood up for the fucking truth.

I had been banned for over a month before I even heard of UGM… I asked Sieg where he was going.
Milken has no fucking honor, and I’m a little disappointed that some of the others are staying quiet about defending Sieg. If they dont stay quiet they will just be banned, so thats just what they have to do to stay on a forum with great members and shitty admin.

Thats just not a true forum brother we both know that. A forum is a place to speak out and protect other members.
I myself fucked up a long time back and supported a src i learned my lesson im 100% about all the members now.
Now when I see some really sketchy things happening i will say something which I did in a post here about mg I to was a happy member in the forums there i begged dolf to lift my ban. He did and I was involved there because there is alot of guys there that know there shit. I now have seen how fast they turn on someone its sad and im not talking about me im talking about sieg a great mod forever there i guess they also turned on dolf because I was speaking with him at eroids a wk or 2 ago amazed he was there.

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Dolf is back at MG… never really left.
HE too does not have Siegs back after hearing “some things from a trusted friend”

Sieg has not talked shit about any of those guys. Some of them deserve it though.

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He honestly has stood up for everyone of them so have I maybe I shouldn’t have.
I guess we live and we learn.
This really upsets me I have so much respect for all those guys I really enjoyed being part of the forums and discussing topics.
If there saying bad things about sieg i have lost all respect for anyone who says even the slightest bad thing about sieg I have his back 100%

Everyone who was on that site knows that semper, burr, and ram were all banned from a bullshit lie that was made up by admin. And then anyone who questioned it or tried to stand up for them became banned as well. Like sieg…who everyone knows is a good guy and all he did was try and stand up for what was right. Its a bullshit situation that EVERYONE on the boards knows was a lie. And its the reason I am here as well.


Hey @Burrr so heres a little back story on this. First UGM has been around several years now. Everyone original came from different boards. I was at the original underground, UK muscle, professional muscle forums. That’s where some of the original members come from. I was also a mod on other sites as well.

We were based on a different forum setup (vbulletin) and later made the switch to this current one. With the switch we lost alot of regular members mostly when we lost the mobile app tapatalk. A few came over. A few messaged they didn’t like the new format over the old one etc. So be it. Times change. Software platforms change and this is better then Vbulletin or Drupal IMO. When people mention the change this is what it was. When I made the change I asked @PHD and @Bigmurph about the thoughts on this new format and we went with it.

Now about our site. We are here for the members before anyone. One of the reasons I (under my old username RX) started it was I was tired of scammers and boards protecting scammers. I myself have lost money to sources on other boards and when I complained my comments deleted. I saw other boards getting bought off by sources to allow them “top” spots on sites. I’ve seen mods run boards when they are sources themselves there and do similar shit to keep themselves the highest source then turn and exit scam the board with members gettting screwed and the mods that own the source still there hiding comments and all.

Anasci was the first board that openly started exposing scammers with all the info they had on them. If you look at the scammers list of email, names and locations the list was shared from them originally.

Now to go back to the bullshit “conspiracy” theory that musclegurus has with us right now. You need to read this here.

Some people don’t have technical knowledge. I do. This is why you see some other posts I make and share about technical stuff and staying safe online. Another user on here also has a background in programming and security.

What I found I detailed out in that thread. I never even got on MG or looked at them before. I saw the site as a smaller version of eroids. I personally don’t go for the karma and negs and all that bullshit on a board. Reddit, eroids and mg can keep that stuff there.

Everything in that thread was found out before @SIEGMUND even came over here as a member. I find it interesting that members there (even ones now defending mg there) say they knew some stuff was going on with admin and sources there but they are ok with it. IMO if you are a member on a board that supports that and you know about it and defend it, it shows where your integrity lies.

They’re now upset that siege “turned on them” and as a mod there put it “told us secrets”?? Really?? Funny cause I exposed it all before siege even came here. Secondly they had poor OPSEC and got exposed of their “secrets”. The thread got attention from people sharing it on other sites and reddit source forums. We have members that are in both places anyway we dont care. Years ago I heard the site owners of MG were from Odessa Ukriane. When I was told the sites I was exposing as being connected were all on MG then it all made sense when I made the test orders they all came from Chisinau Moldova. Theyre driving distance apart from each other and alot of Moldovans go to Ukraine and back and forth. Ukrainians go to Moldova for drugs and take them back to Ukraine.

Geography for those that don’t know. Tiraspol is a breakaway part of Moldova between the two countries. They have control of Moldova side and their is only one checkpoint on Ukrianes side at most times. I’ve been to both places. I’ve been in Balkans shitty little lab behind residential buildings there. Seen vermodjes lab there as well. I know people in both cities and countries. Someone I met there even worked and got fucked over by another source there.

Now back to @SIEGMUND, he has not talked shit about anyone there or said any “secrets”. They can blame themselves for that shit. I don’t know what other shit went on there before my post here but obviously the board had issues before hand and sketchy shit going on.

Any buyer that searches online can make an informed decision about any of the sources there based on what I found.

Its funny how when people from there came here they started their damage control back there and trying to blame sieg.

I guess since they (admin and mods) claim that sieg is a “traitor” and exposed secrets. In that sense they have confirmed anything sieg does wish to comment on about MG as truth to the matter. but he had no role in any of the shit I posted.

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Were glad your here also brother much respect for not letting mg use you to give there forums a good name to then scam others trusting there ranking system.
I will officially come out and say it. Good guys said to me that it didn’t matter about what administration at mg did with the srcs because the forums are separate but thats bull shit. Mg is using all there good names to give there scam credibility. I wasn’t going to come out and say that but I believe that someone has to. It really isn’t separate at all and good guys are being used by bad people to rob scam other good guys. Every board is meant to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Thats why we all at every board write reviews so our brothers in this can read them and know where they should spend there hard earned money. Well im sorry but at mg this is not the case in my outlook from every bit of evidence I’ve seen not heard I’ve seen they have a completely rigged system. I can speak for and eroids and say that both of those boards are completely legit systems i can say this because im a member at both and at eroids i have written bad reviews about a top src that review is still there and so is my vote. Here at I have removed srcs verification not for stealing from anyone but just for being late on delivery of pacs. This is how serious our verification is.
I honestly always thought that all the boards had a legitimate system. I did always wonder how mg had a certain src i new to be a scam from eroids in there top 20. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how this was possible and now everything makes sense. Those that tell themselves that its ok because the forums are separate from the rankings are wrong.
I do understand why they say this though its because its there home its where the have met other great guys that are like minded. It’s hard to leave a place you call home. I just hope that they realize that the guy on the other bench in the gym working his ass off at work and the gym just like them is the guy that just lost his money to a selective scam that knowingly or unknowingly they help support by giving credibility to the name muscleguru

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@Burrr sorry to hear all that shit going on at MG. We are proud to have you here and we will welcome anyone here that is banned or tired of the bs. I have been on several boards in the past but never really active I’d sit back read and watch things. I never knew of any of the scams going on but I’ve deff been scammed more than my fair share. It’s sad but it’s worse in our world than the streets.
Hope we continue to grow and bring more quality people like yourself here. Members are always first here.

There not ashamed burr , i have been where there at for a long time. … there right tho i did but i left non the less …what pushed me over the edge was .getting tormented and. was basicly alone. , and i dont blame any member ,it was a fucked sisuiation. …im thinking more like milkin should have done something to intervene ( i still wont sware at him. )
the pressure of being alone for so long , and the hacking. im sorry but i went looking. and thats me and will be …
i didnt give ugm. any info at all at least not yet …i got here and look at the date of that post and look at my sign up date , i didnt leave mg to undermine it. i left because i been wanting to leave and this helped me decide …im a ??? i know your reading milkin. how am i a traitor ??? why i got to be sucking another mans dick milk ??? and im a. bitch. , ok your right im a bitch. :slight_smile: … i left with a statement of finding out , and also to getting a life back. … and im a traitor ! …why because i told the people i thought were my friend where im at im a traitor. ???.. i know when to act aggressive and its actually planned for a reason. your actions. speak for the leader ship of mg. good going milk …and i know your reading. this. yes there was a time i crawled in there , and you milk and i always say it you nursed me. …thankyou still. …and yes with that asshole i was siding with him and you quickly strightened me out. and i deserved the shit you said and i ate it. …now im telling you. YOUR WRONG. , your the one that acted out of character and totaly disrespected me. you own this , and its a poor example for mg. …
you have my email. feel free anytime to talking or getting a drink :)…
im sure everyone thought id blow you up , but let me let everyone in on a little secret. ok. i know when i need to act. aggressivly ect so on. ok im in this mind game over 40 years ok. … owe me a appolgy. milkin. lets see if your man enough to admit. … you have my email if you want to talk or meet. .let me.know.later friend. …

that sums it up burr. always keeping it real. sig

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