Homemade protein bars

Here’s a rusty desert special for y’all.

6 ripe bananas
1cup almond butter
1/2 cup dark cocoa powder
Enough chocolate protein powder to make 90 grams for me it three scoops
Honey to taste

Put bananas in blender until smooth
Add almond butter blend until smooth
Add powders blend until smooth
Add honey blend

Butter a 9x9 pan pour in mixture bake at 350 until almost dry in middle about 25 to 30 minutes


Melt dark chocolate chips. Micro 30 sec stir then micro 30 sec stir then micro 10 sec stir and repeat 10 sec intervals until completely smooth. Cover protein bars with chocolate then sprinkle with sea salt. Put in fridge until chocolate is hard.

When you cut into pieces keep a cup of real hot water by you. Dip your knife into the hot water every so often to keep it hot while your cutting or else you will crack the hard chocolate topping.

And they don’t make your jaws sore from chewing on them like store bought.


Damn those look great

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Those got my mouth watering.

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Don’t eat all the Rusty desert specials ya hoser!


Looks good!

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If you want some come and get them. Otherwise take off hey!!!

What’s up with the edit on the title?? I suppose it looked like I was selling them for $1. Lol. It was meant that is what the cost is to make them. Pretty cheap for good protein bars. Sorry for the confusion if that’s what it was @Bigmurph

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I know its a joke but its the rules we can’t buy or sell we can only talk. I could see the title being something that stood out you can make it whatever you want it just literally said for $1 I had to change that I know its silly smh

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Ya my bad. I was
Hoping to get rich off the dollar lmao. I won’t put anymore costs down to avoid future issues.

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Sorry brother Thanks

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Looks good👍

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Dude these look tasty. Might have to try this one myself. God knows eating cardboard from Quest is getting old lol

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They are so easy to make also. You won’t regret it

Rusty you should work on protein tart recipe so I don’t go through with drawls


Hahaha. I’ll get right on that lol.

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