How about a little taste of America from the heart land

Haven’t posted in a minute, have a weeks worth of logs to enter in diary of a fat broken man… but to tide you over, we celebrated America and my wife’s birthday (born on the 4th of July) in style with a 17 lb beef brisket, slow smoked… here’s the photos. I trimmed it down to about 13 lbs and she slow smoked for 20 hours.


Missed these photos

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Love that smoke ring brother! God bless! Looks damn good I’m going to have to get that recipe

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That’s great

Need brisket in my life

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No brisket just cardio ha ha

My mouth is watering, looks good.:+1:

That’s awesome. I am makings Axis deer Carnitas for my kiddos tomorrow. Sitting in the marinade right now. We are moving., so we have a lot of Axis deer and Elk to burn through. I told the kids. The smoker, slow cooker and grill are going to get a work out these next couple weeks.

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Looks amazing. Got to cook brisket next!! What rub do you use? Or do you make your own?

Just salt, garlic and pepper. The rest is in the wood, I used post oak lump charcoal and chunks of hickory wood.


I have an uncle that lives in near Copperas Cove in Texas, right by Fort Hood, his land is littered with axis deer, some day I want to make it down to hunt one.


Holy shite I missed this one and its amazing.
So good brother we got to get together one day

You won’t want to miss this weekend… pork belly and baby backs! Pork Belly is like chunks of smoked candy bacon! So damn good


Damn its not fair lol

Oh yeah it’s real swell and tasty

I want all the belly to be in my belly

Taking my grandson to his other grandparents right now, then the gym, then BBQthirty… baby backs and pork belly.


I’m a little behind… here’s the pre cook


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