How effective is winstrol for lean muscle mass?

I am looking to do my first winstrol cycle. I know winstrol is great for shedding fat (With the right diet and workout plan). Other than just shedding fat, is winstrol also good for lean muscle mass? ( I know it’s not the best for strength). Also how fast does winstrol kick in? And if winstrol muscle gains are keepable gains, with a good PCT. I would be doing a winstrol only cycle for 6-7 weeks at 25mg per day.

So are you doing Abomb’s and winny cycle?

I have had second thoughts about anadrol. I want to have keepable gains and anadrol doesn’t allow that.

Winstrol doesn’t actually burn fat just like you said diet and training take care of that but it does build lean muscle mass. It also dries out your soft tissue and joints plus tendons. I believe that turinabol is a better choice but im not sure about what goals you are trying to actually reach?

If you want keep able gains then turinabol or anavar are great choices you could even use MHN as an oral which is also a great compound.
You can keep gains from all compounds. What you put in is what you will get in the end but some compounds make you hold water to help with the healing process which builds muscle. Also the fat put on during a bulk can be lost afterwards but you should still keep all the actual gains from any compound after losing the water and fat.


What are my goals? I really just want to build lean muscle mass. So are you saying you can maintain gains from anadrol? Because everyone says that “you will lose all your gains” from anadrol. So is Anavar better than winstrol for lean muscle mass?

Its gonna be extremely difficult to sustain gains longterm on oral only cycles. Low dose test, 300-500mg, with pct will yield great results.

Winstrol is my fave. But. You know what most will say (You need test base) I run test base with low Deca for joint support Winstrol drys out my joints and tendons. Feels like shards of glass in them. But once again. Test as a base. Winstrol isn’t really a fat burner. It drys you out and gives you that shrink wrapped look. Oral only just doesn’t do well. At all.

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I didn’t know that you were going to run an oral only cycle?
Is that true? If it is you should maybe look into sarms or possibly just a testosterone cycle.

If you’re running testosterone with an oral than with a goal of just wanting to gain lean muscle mass. I would recommend using a oral that doesn’t aromatase. This will mean that you won’t have to worry about extra estrogen or extra water weight.
Tbol, var, are what I believe you might be interested in adrol and dbol will also give you big gains they just work differently.
No matter what your pct will determine how much you retain. If you don’t continue to workout or you don’t get your system back up and running quickly then you can take 4 steps forward and then take 3 steps back. You always lose a little but as long as you give it everything you got you will get results.

You should run a testosterone based cycle to be honest. Its easy to mess up your hormones so be safe brother

What do you recommend for PCT and when should I start it?

That’s what I recommend


Perhaps a better way to go about this would be to ask a different question in regard to what you are looking to achieve with the winstrol cycle…

@TBU - agree 110%, love winny and the look it gave me. Just hated the cramps / joint pain and spasms… I only ran for 4 weeks at 50 mg ed.

@Kneagles - you should run a test as a base for just about any cycle. Oral only cycles are not good at all, specially if your running multiple orals. Your liver my not be able to take it… at the minimum if you decide to do oral only cycle I would recommend to load up on NAC and TUDCA to help the liver while on cycle…

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