How long can I keep oil in syringe?

Noob question. No kids in household, just curious how long I can keep my finished oil in syringe before pinning? Not that I’m looking for days or weeks but I’ve always wondered.

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I think for a while if it’s a clean syringe and you cap it so no air goes in. It’s no different than keeping it in a vial imo.

That would be no different than the old Redi-Jects that some pharm companies used to sell… a pre loaded glass ampule that was a syringe, everyone of them I ever got had a permanent 18 gauge harpoon, but I was young (19, 20 years ago) and dumb and didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

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I’m paranoid so I only prep a pin for about 12 hours. I pin 2x a day so when I pin my evening regiment, I prep the one for the morning. I have prepped for a weekend before but that was the longest. I know diabetics that prep for an entire week but there’s different solvents used in AAS that can further degrade the rubber and plastics but I’m not sure how long that would take to make a syringe dangerous to use. I wish I had a more definitive answer for you but I’m just not sure.

Everything the oil would touch is sterile. So I see no issues for having it for a long time.

The moment that syringe comes out of the package and contacts air it’s no longer sterile. As soon as you draw air into the syringe, it’s no longer sterile. Not that I think its makes a difference but just pointing that out


what about you putting air into the vial?

@phd travels a lot, I believe I’ve heard him speak of it

Get you a 20mL vial of sterile air.


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I’m mixing NPP with test P in 1 syringe if that makes a difference?

Same thing. There’s a proposed shelf life on vials of injectable oils not only because of the ingredients but because of the exposure to air.


Honestly bro, I’m hyper paranoid about sterilization and would avoid. I use one syringe/ pin per inject and dispose (with multiple alcohol wipes). Although I have buddies that love Ashops stealth packs and pre load syringes for the week and change out pins… never heard of them having issues. But as was stated, as soon as the syringe packs come off, true sterilization is in question.


Back in the day and I think it’s still true, you could cross over to Mexico. Buy pre loaded or just go in the back room and pin. I have heard people say several different things. I’ve just stayed with pinning at the time I need. I did ask the same question about a couple moths ago since I plan on pinning trenA every day if I could load up a weeks worth. Everyone said sure. Plus I did a little research on the intranet. Pretty much said a couple weeks of prep is fine.

I get my pins off eBay from as med supply company in FLA… just got 100 27 gauge 1.0 and 100 27 gauge .5 inch for under $15 shipped! Change those pins bro! Also got 500 alcohol wipes for under $10 from same company… being safe and sterile is cheap!


Pins are dirt cheap, I just can’t see why anyone would want to compromise there gear or them selves

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If you really want to preload then buy syringe caps. That’s what they make them for. They’re dirt cheap and then open a new pin everytime you want to inject.


If ethyl oleate is in the product then it will dissolve the rubber plunger in the syringe.

Dont take for granted that because a lab has not listed ethyl oleate on the label that they are not using it.


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