How long will Insulin last

How long will Insulin last

Hey bro’s. How long will insulin last in the fridge?. It’s for my cousins cat if that makes a difference…

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The slin doesn’t have a expiration date?

2/22, she pays $200 a month for this!

It’s human grade slin, humalin n…
Do you know what I could do with $200 a month, lol

From what I’ve read, it doesn’t become toxic and only loses potency past exp date, since it’s for a cat, I’m going to tell her to use it until it’s gone

Its crazy how much medication is and then you can cross an imaginary line and its 1/4 maybe 1/10 of the price smh I could go on forever lol

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Big pharma is a crime!
Since it’s for a cat, I’m going to tell her to use it until it’s gone, your thoughts??

I can’t get involved I don’t want to kill the cat lol
I live by when in doubt throw it out but that’s because it’s me lol

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Copy that, I love animals but throwing out $150 of slin a month seems stupid, I mean it is a cat, but that’s her business. Thanks @Bigmurph

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All slin lasts only 28 days at room temperature. Nothing will happen to cat or human if used past 28 days. Believe me, I’ve done it by accident.
That’s a crazy price to pay…


Thanks @LowT… Good to know, she keeps it in the fridge so I was thinking it should last at least a week or two longer. I put her on to a Canadian site that has 3ml vials for $80 ea. That will also cut down on throwing good meds away.

Hold on… someone is injecting cold slin? It’s useless and possibly dangerous. Don’t mess around like that. Use at room temp and it’s only good for 28 days. No way around it, being diabetic is somewhat expensive. Not only the meds but proper diet hits the wallet as well. Maybe time to get rid of the cat or take chance on killing it. Slin no joke, don’t play with it.
You’re welcome, anytime.

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Nah, it’s kept in the fridge, drawn and put back. The loaded syringe is warmed to proper temp…

I love cats! Big dogs too.
I wouldn’t want to risk hurting the cat either.
In my body I’d use it way past the expiration date. :rofl:
I used to use humalin N back in 1995 when Milos came up wirh the insulin protocol that made Nassar gain 40-50Lbs of muscle. I believe I paid around $10-$12 per 10ml vial. The government really should step in and stop the ridiculous cost of insulin. It’s a total scam.


I promise you refrigerated insulin injected right out of the refrigerator is good. I did it for years. I passed out a few times from going hypo. It’s just as potent. Insulin is a lot more stable than people think.


Yes I always keep my slin in fridge as well. When you pick it up from pharmacy it’s kept in fridge. I had a diabetic buddy that left his slin in the car and it got hot and he got super sick from taking it landed in the hospital.

If you have no clue about slin stay away it will kill your ass


Thanks brothers. I really appreciate all the advice and info…

Call me crazy but I stick to what my doc, pharmacist and manufacturer recommends.

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Actually the manufacturers even say to keep it in fridge. You take it out because cold insulin can be more painful to inject. Its a comfort thing.

Even the docs at the VA tell patients to keep it in the fridge. Doesnt harm anything and stores longer. At room temperature it can only a month.

Theres nothing useless or dangerous about it. It doesnt “activate” just because it gets to room temp.

If you’re not a pussy its not a problem.



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