How many CCs can you load a once?

So my Primo is in and I was thinking, I have not really tried anything high volume before. I think 1.5ml is the most I have loaded at once. Since Primo is pretty high, dosage stuff, I was wondering how many ML you can tolerate at once and do you break up your shots? Is a 3.5 ML shot of Test, Mast and Primo reasonable? Any suggestions would be great.

I’ve never tried that much. That seems like a lot of volume in one injection but I don’t know.

Keep your inj around 2ml max unless you are huge and your muscle can hold 3ml.
I don’t push over 1.5ml because I feel the more I push the longer I have to wait for that inj spot to be ready again smaller shots are better especially with our knowledge about micro dosing.

Don’t forget about the danger of a sterile abcess


You can push that much in one injection, but I’ve only done it to myself (and others back while working as RN previous career), and only in rear end or thigh.

But…I would agree with @Bigmurph about keeping it less than 2ml per site for exactly the reasons he stated.

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I do 3ml often but I recently split into more frequent pins of 2ml then again I’m a big boy

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Alright, 2ml it is. I hear Primo has some PIP anyway. I am still not sure how to open the ampules. Lol, I have never used them. I was going to investigate Saturday. :grin:

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Order an amp opener it helps

Also filter pins just incase glass gets in the amp


Crack the top hahah just try for clean break it’s best to have drawing needle in it ha screen


Snap it off draw it shoot it…why I haven’t died from an infection I don’t know.

I’ve probably been the most careful about everything since joining this forum.

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Filter needles are an absolute requirement for ampules.


If you will be pinning 2 or 3 times a week (I am assuming) 2 ml is the max for large muscle groups for me. I’ve done 3 ml before but developed knots in the muscle that takes weeks to disappear. Then I lost that injection site till it went away. If you ask most docs about pinning 3ml twice a week for 16 weeks they will look at you like this :flushed:. 2 years ago I got turned on to micro dosing. More pinning but I have so few sides doing it and better levels. I wish I would have done it 30 years ago… :thinking:


I never had issue hahah

Most I have done is 4ml. Sometime ago. 2-3 should be the standard. When an amps becomes impossible, I will score it with a knife and that helps a great deal.

I’ve worked down to e3d… heading lower. I’ve haven’t heard one bad thing about microdosing. Specially for those of us that’ll be doing it forever.

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I would but with doing three compounds I’ve got my math down for three injects at 2 ml each. Could I do the math for eod sure but didn’t want to

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Ha ha 2ml it is then

I didn’t know they taught math in S Carolina

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Waaaaay to much pinning main reason I don’t use short esters to much, at the same time I was the biggest I ever was using short esters

I hear ya brother. I’m just trying to reduce sides being I’ll be on this forever.

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What esters are you micro dosing

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