How much Testosterone to take on a cruise

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So im taking 1/2 a ml of test cyp for my cruise. I don’t think that this is enough im using dragon pharma test cyp and it tested at 279mg/ml on annabolic lab. That cut in half is 140mg lets say to keep the math easy minus the weight of the cypionate it would be around 100mg a wk. I feel ahhh im thinking about raising to 3/4 of a ml a wk and see after 3wks how I feel then I’ve dropped taking my AI aromasin and am running just Nolvadex at 20mg split ed.

What are everyones thoughts on this besides get blood work because that’s coming up next month. Im just looking for opinions on the subject.


I think ~150mg/week is a good dose for a cruise. Since you dont want to exceed the maximum levels of testosterone and stay within natty range, if you take a look at bloodwork that people post you’ll notice that anywhere around 150mg/week put people within range.

I dont blast and cruise (might hop on the b&c train though) but do run “cruise” doses of test on cycle.
When i run test a little too high ill notice puffy/flat nips.

Some respond better
Some dont respond that well

The only way to truly know what dose to run as a cruise would be to stick to one dose and get bloodwork done

Im going to stick with 125mg until bloods next month
Appreciate the feedback

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Yeah I’d say whatever will put your trough around 1000-1200. For me 200 puts me at 1200. That’s what I’m prescribed. I actually just got bloods on my script stuff. We will see what they come back at in a few days.

I feel like im not low but not right either.
Only my bloods will tell but was curious what everyone else is running as trt

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I think that’s a good number. I do blasts, cruises, and bridges. On a cruise I like to use prop at about 75mg a week split up 25 mg 3 times a week. Something someone taught me years ago on cleaning receptors out and getting ready for a blast. That works best for me. I haven’t done the above method in a while but it works wonders.

I’ve got plenty of prop do you think with me running the primo i should run prop instead of cyp?
Im already inj 5x a wk

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This is just me bro. I’d drop the primo if doing cleanse or bridge and just do the prob. I know it’s not much but do about 75mg a week spread out mon 25mg wed 25mg fri 25mg run this for 4 weeks then go on bulk cycle. Thank me later lol

Im going to hit you up later to talk more about this

Ok bro

Quick question if one decides to go on a blast and cruise for a year would that just be HPTA suicide? It would be just test and a few other compounds here and there for a boost but nothing to devestating to your HPTA.

That really depends on what you use, age ,a couple of different variables.
It also would take a very long time to get everything back to normal. You would need to run a couple of pct consisting of Clomiphene ,Nolvadex,hcg,hmg, and there are other things in life that would also help. I would definitely reccomend a doctor supervised pct to comeback so that way all meds taken are pharma grade and blood work can be evaluated every month and changing your protocol by what the doctor see happening.

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Yea im going to try to get a doctor for that but how woukd you confront a doctor and tell them your taking gear and dont want to stop so you need a medical advisor/check-ups? Haha

Find a trt dictor you are covered by patient doctor confidentiality so you can tell him you use steroids just don’t discuss about how you get them and tell him you just want to be safe
You might have to see a couple of different doctors before you find one that will work


Great info! Thanks Murph!

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