How much tren and Masteron works for you

I tolerate tren well and grow on it, I’ve never went lower than 400mg and have been as high as 750mg.

But during my last cycle i used deca instead and ran it at 250mg and 300mg (variance due to source from sst sending me some and not all of my product and dissapearing).

But during my last cycle I used a moderate amount of everything

Last cycle I did I kept everything under 500

I did
75mg winny 8weeks
300mg deca 14 weeks
300mg test 14 weeks

I got more or less the same results

But normally I would run

500mg test 20 weeks
900mg eq 20 weeks
500-700mg tren 6-10 weeks

For those of use with tren experience what is your recommendation

I get no sides, outside of night sweat, as much as I love roids I’m open to lower dosages

What’s your recommendation and or experience


“Less is more” The reality of upping your dose’s is you are going to battle more ‘sides’
Find the dosage that works best for you, minimally. Meaning, if you’re experiencing the same results between the two cycles, obviously you want to stay on the lower dosage.

As for tren, I’d recommend starting with Ace vs E as it’ll ‘leave’ your system faster if you are unable to handle what it is doing. I’ve found 300 works best for me. Although that may be different for you.


I’ve ran TrenA for the first time at 230mg a week. Micro dosing every day. I have run as much as a gram of Test a week and 800mg of deca. To be honest. I felt like shit. My sweet spot for me is 500mg a week TestE. And 300mg deca. I feel strong. Solid gains. And really no sides. I am a believer that less is more and that’s everyone has a “sweet spot” to run on. I also like Winstrol. But it’s really bad for you. Anavar is great. But as I have gotten older, the sides aren’t worth it. I love TrenA at my dose. I feel really good and zero sides. Well besides I noticed aggression was higher. Not roid rage aggression just want to dismember fuckers when they annoy me. And ZERO emotional ties. Sex becomes aggressive. More forceful if you get what I mean. Hope that helps some what.


As far as Tren and Mast stacked together I like to always keep it balanced unless your getting in the 700 range of Tren then staying at 500 mast will be more then enough, but alot of guys like to use higher mast because of the well being feeling. It’s really personal preference, try out different dosages and see what works best for you brotha, what works for me might not exactly be idea for you


No need to run tren that high does nothing for you. Your cycles are very odd example why is eq running at 900mg? Anything over 600mg eq is a waste.

I’ve ran tren at 700mg a week and felt like death I get better results at 300mg a week. And like @TBU stated I micro dose all my shots.

Why are you running winny and deca?

Just some odd combos.


I went based off the recommendations of sources I had from sst, which is what led me here, because I see the info here is better than what I recieved there.

It was my first time using deca and really my first time using low dosages, but I do feel my gains would of been better with tren at a dosage.

I thought deca and winny was an odd combo but I did find forum posts and sites supporting the use of those two together.

And with that being said this is the only forum I’ve come across where moderate dosages are recommended which is why I seek consuel here.

Because one either my previous stuff could of been underdosed or two I could of been purposely misled in order to achieve a bigger profit, and three all of the above.

I’d rather as and find the truth, or a better way than to not ask at all, this is literally the only forum, where advice is given, by all and not just the source.


I would agree that your source was looking to profit off you bro. I help a lot of athletes from bodybuilders , powerlifters, females and just everyday people. I never have any of my clients use a lot. More is always better. Just my two cents bro.


Just an fyi, SST site admins and mods own and/or get kickbacks from sources there. Polar knew about it but didn’t care to do anything since in his own words he couldn’t trust his mods. So it makes sense that they would always push high amounts.

As @PHD stated not all drugs even make sense past a certain amount. Ive seen so many dumb ass cycle ideas online that make no sense.


I for one like running Winstrol and Deca. I run low dose deca just to lube up my joints and tendons. For me, you get a really shrink wrap look with Winstrol, but dries out my tendons to the point they feel like shattered glass. So I ran a low dose to keep that pain away. Now, as an older guy, I’ve stopped Winstrol. Seems as you age your body tends to amplify some sides.


I get great results from very low doses of Tren. 25mg Tren Ace EOD works great!


I’m a 350 guy myself. I’ve ran it at 600 and that’s when it was hard to control all the shit going on. It was like riding in the food cart having a late night whiskey to, shit I drank all the whiskey and I’m the conductor of this out of control train. For mast I like to keep in the same.


Tren a or e??? There’s a big different between 700mg of tren-a and 700 mg of tren-e (about 200 mg of esthers)
700mg of tren-e = about 500mg of tren-a (give or take)


Me it would be tren a.

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When you guys are micro dosing tren a, are you using insulin pins and doing sub q shots?

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Slin pin brotha, 1/2" 27 g and your golden :v:

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400mg tren A and 400mg tren E is not the same.

U will be much more agresiv on A and sleep harder and so on.

People use E becouse they dont like the pining and the sides becouse u feel them less on tren E belive me.


Yeah, but there’s nothing like getting up every morning (not waking up, because you won’t sleep), running into the bathroom, and looking into the mirror to see how much more ripped you’ve gotten overnight. :slight_smile:

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When did golden labs get the boot?

A few days ago

Negative he got the boot way longer then days ago

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