How to down load the app again

Got a new phone today and I’m not sure how to download the ug muscle app onto my new phone can’t bring it up for some reason any help would be much appreciated

Just go to the site in a web browser like chrome or brave. Clear all the cookies and sign in. It should ask you to set a shortcut or set on main screen.

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Thanks gonna try now

Didn’t give me that option it just logs me in

Try Brave browser. Clear all cookies and history then try it. I did it again on extra device and worked. On top once logged in the site says if you want to shortcut to home screen.

If not just go to browser settings and shortcut it from there when logged in. May take a few times for browser to read it as app ready and make it full screen.

Other option is the discourse app you find in the app store. But it’ll still be two clicks with that vs on on mobile app shortcut.

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Hell yeah I did it thank you! Awesome

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