How to run HGH? For the first time

How to run HGH? For the first time

I’m buying a few kits to try for myself. How should I pin and what dose? I was told morning and night pins. Some have even said morning, midday and before bed.

How many IU should I run?

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These are very individualistic questions. Try to play around with it to see what works for you. Start maybe 2iu ED and guage off that. For instance I run 4iu ED, 2iu morning, 2iu night. Virtually zero sides, maybe a little pins and needles in my hands but that’s about it. Now say when I go up to 6iu I start getting a little lethargic so therefore I wouldn’t pin in the mornings, but after workout and before bed. Also purity of GH plays a big role and the fillers that are used.

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Also remember your not gonna see dramatic changes over night. Personally for a me after a month or so I start to feel more full and my hair starts to thicken. This is more or less a long term relationship your getting into with GH

What benefits do you get running GH that keeps you going?
It’s pretty expensive to keep running haha.

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Once you start GH you’re basically in a long term relationship. If you’re looking for anti aging benefits 2iu a day is plenty. If you’re looking for growth 4iu to 6iu is a good baseline. When I ran it, I only ran it for 3 months at 4iu and didn’t run it long enough to really see much benefit. I slept better at night, my skin and hair were better and my nails were healthier and my lower belly fat started to lessen but I didn’t see anything in muscular growth.

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At the small doses that we typically run you won’t get to much growth from it. I basically use it for rejuvenating effects. Skin, hair , nails, and the synergy with slin is very nice. Also keeps me feeling and looking full. You will most definitely be able to tell a difference from when your on GH and when your off, just an overall better well being.

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Oh yeah forgot to mention the nice leaning effects it gives.


I just started doing some research on GH. I’m sure I’ll be able to answer these questions as time goes by but why not ask. Is all GH created equal or are there makes the focus more on one thing? Like one for bone, hair, etc. Is it better to run with a cycle or cruise?

I could write a book about your questions.
I have written a couple things about hgh if you use the search tool you will find a bunch.

I would run it year round

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I run 2iu post workout m-f and take the weekend off.

Definitely not so many different variations but there should only be Somatropin 191aa

@Bigmurph I’ll continue to do some research. I’ll look up some of your writing on it too. Some of the guys have spoke highly of it for me and my goals. It’s always been something I’ve stayed away from out of fear.

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Is there a way to check. This is my concern.

What’s your fear?
Mine was always the side effects.
I got around that by just using less and running it for as long as possible at the lowest dose where I get no side effects and im still getting the benefits.

Yes @ROIDTEST has a somatropin test kit and I will be posting a video soon showing the test.
The test can’t be fooled like blood work can by just using a ghrp compound that just raises your igf1. It actually tests for somatropin.

The side were my biggest concern and permanent damage. Plus incorrect use, which I know I can learn enough about it to be safe, but that is still a concern. I’m just going to have to buck up and bite the bullet. As of right now it will do more good for my back and neck than not doing anything at all.

But you personally prefer 191?

Ok let me clear some things up here. Unless you already have some pre-existing medical condition that would likely worsen with the use of HGH like tumors or cancer then there will be no permanent side effects of anything that happens along the way with the doses you would use. Like anything else you listen to your body. If you have sides that become uncomfortable then lower the dose it’s that simple. But those sides won’t become permanent.

Second. All GH has the 191aa amino acid chain. That particular chain is bioidentical which means that it has the same exact sequence as your own growth hormone that is created by your body. The 192aa has an additional amino added thus making it a synthetic form of GH and not natural or bioidentical to the body. There is no reason to use the 192aa over the 191aa.


I think I can attest to this. In 2011 I ran pharma grade semorelin and ghrp6. 3months into a 6month cycle I began having slight stomach pains shortly after injections. It became worse over the next month. Finally after 3 days of not being able to sleep and having to keep pressure on my stomach at night by hunching over the bed rail I went to hospital and had blood work. 24hrs later I was on an emergency flight to Anchorage to have my appendix removed.

The surgeon said the 1hr long normal surgery took 6hrs. My appendix had almost completely enveloped itself with a internal scab trying to enclose the organ. He had never seen one that advanced before. After reflection it explained random stomach aches over a few years and the semorelin put it in over drive. That was my first and last chemical experiment until 2016.

Food for thought

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Rejuvenating an old thread based on curiosity…

Wife and I are going to be starting some GH soon, and mainly for rejuvenating/leaning out effect, and not so much size, because that’s what the other stuff is helping us do.

I know that GH is good at low doses for the rejuvenating/leaning effect, but slightly confused from research overload on dosing, timing, IM versus SQ, etc.

For what you use it for and for what we’re looking for (fat reduction, leaning, fullness, rejuvenating/aging), what would be a good dose, what time, and would IM with insulin needle work??

Would 2IU’s every day post workout be fine for wife and me, or should our dosing/timing be different due to male/female/weight, etc.??

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