How to use bitcoin to purchase on SRX labs?

How to use bitcoin to purchase on SRX labs?

I am going to be buying a couple of products and wanted to know how to use bitcoin to pay for them. I tried reading how to use it but it was confusing. Can anyone walk me through how to use it, and if SRX Labs is top notch? If not what are other good sponsors?


Download Blockchain, it’s a bitcoin wallet.

Find a local Bitcoin ATM.

Scan your blockchain QR code on your phone at the ATM, and put cash in the ATM until you have enough bitcoin for your purchase.

Finalize your order with @SRx on a tablet or pc, then scan the QR code on that screen with the bitcoin app on your phone.

3 days later you’ll have what you ordered :+1:t2:

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Also yes, @SRx is top notch. Only sponsor I’ve used for over a year now

Hey brotha hit me up and.ill be able to help you up

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Blockchain wallet isnt verifiable. Its a risk using it.


Interesting, I’ve been using it for a year. On iPhone though.

What wallet do you use

Mycelium wallet. Its verifiable. One of 4 wallets that are.

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