HRT and Testosterone

I have been getting questions lately regarding women using testosterone as part of HRT. I have looked into the issue somewhat, and found that some doctors in the UK are prescribing a very low dose of test prop. A friend told me that his wife has seen a lot of improvement in my friend since he began TRT and was wondering if any of the drugs we males use would help her in a similar way. She complains of having low energy among other things. I looked up normal testosterone range for females and found this quoted test:

“Women secrete much lower amounts, with normal levels considered to be between 15 and 70 ng/dL. The level of hormones produced in the body varies each day and throughout the day.”

Do any of the ladies here add test to your HRT regimen? Or do you run testosterone as part of your own “Self-prescribed” HRT? What are any members thoughts on this issue? I have heard of women using var or winny, but mostly for contest prep. Do women use these in the same manner as a male would use test for TRT?

I have followed a few women’s journey’s on other boards with Test for cycles and Test for HRT purposes. Like anything else, it all has to be used in moderation with extreme care. Sides can quickly get out of hand with test and can often become permanent. My mom is on TRT with Testosterone Pellets and has made amazing changes in her day to day life as well as her physique. She is 54 and had a serum test level of 6ng when she started. The doc keeps her in the 30 to 40ng range. Any higher and she begins to experience DHT and androgen related sides.

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I would definitely recommend a HRT clinic for her just like a man would go get trt.
All part of hormones that can be off and make a woman feel bad just like when a man has these hormones out of range.
I reccomend the clinic only because with a woman there is alot more to it and bloodwork needs to be done probably constantly at the beginning to see where the dosage puts her and how she feels. Doing this without a good doctor and access to pharma grade products is very risky with the side effects that can happen to a woman.

Good luck brother I wish I could help more but the HRT clinic is the best bet


I 100% agree with @Bigmurph. A woman can use many compounds safely and effectively and Test can be one of those but the fact is that most women are sensitive to exogenous testosterone and some, even their own natural testosterone. I trust my sources but a woman being on HRT with testosterone should really be seen at an HRT clinic by a bioidentical hormone doctor, not her gynecologist.


I fully agree, and that is exactly what I advised. Just like us dudes, some women get excited to DIY the HRT process. Men have risks, but women are much different in many respects especially when introducing androgens. I was/am hoping, however, to hear from women who may be using androgens as part of their HRT program whether clandestinely or through a clinic. Mostly to appease my curiosity :wink:

I do plan on microdosing Test Prop in about a month to assist my Var cycle. I’ve never taken it before, so I’m going to see how my body reacts to see whether it is something I want to continually do at super low doses (2-3mg/day). If I don’t forget…I’ll update this in about 4-6 months.

Note: I’m 40 years old, so it’s kind of a self experiment to see if it helps boost overall health/well-being (the microdosing after cycle).

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Protocols I’ve seen, even for advanced cycles only get up to 20mg a week. I’d heir on the side of caution going up to that. My mom is 56 and she has the pellets that get implanted and her “release” rate is equivalent to 10mg a week and her testosterone levels are around 55ng which is on the higher side for women

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Ah ok, thanks for the insight on that. I will go as low as possible…and keep it that way. I’ll definitely stop if sides get to be too much. With Test Prop…it has a short half life, so ED is required, right? Would EOD work though, or would my levels get too imbalanced?

I think you could get away with EOD. Normally I do suggest ED for prop or ace but I see more women using prop EOD without issue. HUGE guess here but you could always try 2mg EOD and see how you handle it. IMO it’s better than running it too high initially and having to stop altogether than to go low and adjust moderately as you get used to it.


Oh ok, excellent! I’ll try that!

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