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Ok so btc and the rest of the crypto currancy has gone mainstream. It being anonymous went away probably way back when they took down silk road. There is a new company called verge or XVG.

This is where you can find your wallet it runs on onion bot from the playstore

vergetorandroid.apk (3.6 MB)

This seems to be where anon payments will be heading. You guys should check this out especially our sponsors @Sources its still a penny cryptocurrancy but ripple XRP was just a penny cryptocurrancy and its worth 3$ a coin now. In around 6 months I could see this coin being used heavily being worth around 15$ as they predict in the article.

Use that link to start turning btc into all these alt coins like ether and litecoin you can also use chargejelly to turn btc into XVG Which is Verge and also to invest in XRP which is ripple.

Google this stuff you can read all about how big this can get.

Use the link check it out and throw 50.00$ at verge or ripple and sit back and see what happens maybe nothing maybe you spend 50.00$btc and you check back in a month or 2 and you have 5000$ because either ripple or Verge are worth 300$ we have now seen multiple coins become huge bitcoin cash went up 2400% in a couple of hours the other day.

Changejelly is your goto so you can easily just turn BTC into BTG then into XRP then into XVG and so on you can become a part time day trader.

Try it out I put 50$ into verge since ripple had already jumped up to 3$. If verge goes to 3$ I will have 1500 and change to then leave 1000$ in Verge and take 500$ and maybe bet on another coin.

I used changejelly

To turn my btc into btg and while btc went down btg went from 300 to 600 and change when I used change jelly to turn it back into btc. Its a great tool to use to easily make trades just be careful don’t invest anything you cant loose.

Good luck and good gains brothers in the gyms and your bank accounts.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season
To everyone at UGMain

This just spiked over 100% last night because it got featured in one of the UKs too papers. Wish I had gotten in before that a Ton and sold at the peak lol.

Im in it its ripple that surged this is another one.
Its the last real penny coin. Just got in today check it out you will like what you read

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